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Stuff From The Beta Stage That Didnt Make It


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Yeah. I always thought the Manana was a strange name choice for that vehicle.

Good find Jago.

Nice find, considering Rockstar is retarded.

That doesnt look like a Manana, this is a Manana!!!


It all says that you've never played GTA IV.

Yep. I hate Next Gen. The 3rd Gen iPod nano is easier to use than the 4th gen, better shape, and the graphics are more simple :thumbsdown:

The Manana in 4 is a big vehicle. Not the little Kcar wannabe ... although I dont know why anything would want to be a k car.

It looks like the Washington in GTAVC, but a 2 seater convertible... I thought it wouldve been sensible to make it look like a Honda Civic, or the GTASA or GTAVC one's. BTW Kei cars are awesome!!

The Manana is the only car I've used outside the first mission in GTA IV. It looks better than in previous editions, I can't say the same in performance.

I love the Manana in GTA IV, it looks badass ;)

At Thomas: You saying you dont carjack cars endlessly in GTAIV? You sick fat bastard!!! And as for appearance..

At Mpilk: You sick fat bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im eL33T :coolthumbup: :coolthumbup: :coolthumbup:

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A Big Thanks for gamesguru over at GTAForums.com for this:


Now I know some of you have seen some of this stuff before, but I have got some finds that you probably didn't know about; as I go in-depth with screens to highlight some of the changes the game has made during it's development stages.

Note: I have not highlighted music changes, features revealed in magazines and some of the smaller environmental changes.




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thanx but i didnt make it

i got it from gamesguru at GTAForums.com


Helicopter only had 2 blades instead of 4.



Algonquin Bridge is much less detailed.



Cop car is missing blinker.



Also, if you watch the in-game TV, you will see tons of BETA stuff. There is some early footage of Live Central being called 'Bleep Central'. Also, the enterable hospital missing it's "EMERGENCY" sign.

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