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ATS + TS Collaboration Stunt Video


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Well, TS is at it again, this time along side ATS.

This spells only one thing.... PWNAGE!!! ;)

This video has an awesome intro and great stunts and editing to match, a must see for any Vice City or Stunting fan.

The intro was created by kaneda and the editing by GTA Fanatic, members of the ATS stunt crew.

The stunters featured in this video are as follows

Darkness (ATS)

GTA Fanatic (ATS)

Kaneda (ATS)

Madmax (ATS)

Matt (TS)

Neo Anderson (ATS)

Nitzkit (ATS)

Urban Legend (TS)

ZeroX (TS)

Well here it is!!

-->FusioN<-- (Filefront)

-->FusioN<-- (TheGamersAlliance)

It is a 77mb download.


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I think this movie was better than animosity because of the (sorta) hilarious intro. You guys have awesome skins. One thing puzzling me is how do you get off the bike in midair and get back on straight away. My favourite was probably Urban Legend's big bang stunts.

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Getting off the bike and back on (we call it an airgrab) is done exactly as it sounds, you get off than on the bike in the air just as you would do it on the ground except its very hard, it requires very good timing and some luck.

Glad you guys are enjoying the video :)

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