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Post your mugshots v3!


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Blind much? 3 of the people obviously have brown hair and one of the blonde's isn't even much of one...

uh, oh yeah, I guess I am blind :gappy:

or either that I was paying too much attention to the bottom right hot girl :P

Be careful guys, that girl could be Greensabre's girlfriend (and we were all looking at her) :lol:

She has a habit of smiling like that. ^-^

Luckily, I'm not the only one with the weird habit

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Hmm, suppose id better put some of my short ass on here :P. all 5ft 7 of thhis 18 year old gamer/feelance wb developer thingy ma boby person :D.

I look a tad differnt now cos i got some replacement straightners so my hair isn't (as) retarded.

wow got games lol. I probably have that many, just in one of those CD carry cases :P

i see Wii...woot!

i havent played my Wii in a while :( its pretty crap to play 1player, and my sister is over the games we have on it.

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It's a paperweight cos ever game i have on ps3 i have on PC apart from killzone and resident evil 5, and im a rezi nut so i need my rezi 5, i have a capture card for my pc, and made rezi 5 vids ect cos im an active Gameplay video maker on youtube, untill i go from 7 32-bit to 64-bit and now the card wont work lol, im tempted to try it on linux and see.

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I doubt he'd use anything other than Photoshop. Something like that is pretty simple to do relatively speaking.

Well I mean, there ARE other options out there. My friend Jonny's pretty into photography and I have a big liking to practically all his photos, and I figured he used Photoshop but he uses something I didn't even know about so I just figured I'd ask =P

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