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Post a pic of your Bedroom


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Once again, the topic's are getting weirder and weirder..

With that said, will post my contribution for this topic in the next couple of days.

@ Urbanoutlaw - I have no idea what you're referring to by that haha but I'm excited.

@ MR94 - Give me your keyboard // not everyone is going to post in this topic, I doubt Ryder will

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cbf taking another pic i got this one from before. (well not too long)


now on the other side of the desk i've got this and 2 of these under my desk :) oh also not pictured, my 500gb movie player :)

the other side of my room isnt interesting , not worth a photo lol. just my bed and wardrobe n heater. nothing exciting.

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I actually like your room UO. Messy but for some reason I always know where things are when stuff is cluttery, a damn fridge and microwave, fun video games, guns and ammo right on the spot and an overall homey-feeling. Sorry to hear about whatever is going on that's making an impact on you dude. Hope stuff patches up.

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Yeah, not holding my breath on things getting better but thanks anyway. As she clears out her stuff it'll get less cluttered.

Is that an AK-47 in that cabinet?

No, that's next to it hiding under the beach towel behind the AR-15. You're probably seeing the Dragonov.

The microwave's nice but I want the George Foreman rotisserie & the grill. He just makes that chicken look good.

Cock-a-doddle-doo it's time for chicken......

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I'll give a description of mine. I got all my PS3 games on the floor, along with a basket containing all my CDs. Got the PS2 box there, letters I'm supposed to reply to from the health department - stupid questionaires, lots of DVDs and a whole load of other crap. It's a pig sty. I do clean it up, but after about 2 weeks, it reverts back to how it was. Got blue wallpaper, wich I used to peel off when I was like 8 years old, and a cabinet with 1 knob missing. Other things include a stereo system, untouched for about 4 years, a GBA, current football and PS3 mags, a few game guides, loads of PS3 demo discs, etc etc. The PS3 demo discs are nothing, though. In my computer room, which I'm in now, I have... *counts* close to 50 PS1 demo discs from the original Official Playstation Magazine. All the original CDs for those, which are now in cases, still work perfectly. My oldest demo has Crash Bandicoot 2 on the cover, with other demos like TOCA Touring Cars, G-Police, Hercules.. I'm a hoarder.

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