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First Chinatown Wars PSP screenshots!


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Rockstar Games have just updated the official Chinatown Wars website with the first seven screenshots from the PSP version of Chinatown Wars. Click the thumbnails below for the larger versions.

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg

You can tell straight away the obvious improved visuals, as well as the widescreen. Looks a lot nicer than the DS version you have to say.

Keep an eye out for more updates today.

Link: Chiantown Wars PSP screenshots

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Heh, the texture of the streets reminds me a hell of a lot of GTA 2. Oh, and the Stories games suck. The less that are heard of them, the better. I don't care if they looked like Vice City/San Andreas, they had shitty controls and even shittier graphics.

shitty controls huh?

tell me how the controls in GTA vice city, and vice city stories were different on PS2 ? Or if you're talking about the PSP version, how would you make them better?

The graphics were worse because they were made for PSP. then when put on PS2, they were just direct ports. I too noticed that the graphics on PS2 were pretty average compared to San Andreas for example.

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Of course I'm talking about the original PSP versions. One analog nub does not do the game justice. They shouldn't even have bothered with those poor imitations. I know the original versions had to be downscaled to work on the PSP. I've also played the PS2 port of LCS, there is no excuse for it to look that goddamn ugly; GTA III looked way better. Now, is every sonavabitch gonna jump on me because I thought the PSP games were a waste of time and money?

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I wish GTA CW had a 3rd person view. Rockstar shouldnt do this. or at least make a patch so you can change it or someone should make it an option for 3rd person for ppl like me who have ctw on psp like a hack for 3rd person because i really hate the top down.

This guy has my point. Screw Top Down, its so old school. The screens look alright though, but I just hope the sound and quality have improved alot.

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