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2009 Award Categories


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These are the award categories we have come up with so far for the 2009 awards:

Voting + nominations are not yet open

Most Knowledgeable (GTA Portables)

Most Knowledgeable (Classic GTAs)

Most Knowledgeable (GTA 3 Era)

Most Knowledgeable (GTA IV Era)

Most Knowledgeable (Modifications)

Most Respected Member

Most Respected Staff Member

Most Missed Member

Most Helpful Member

Most Intelligent Member

Most Improved Member

Best New Member of 2009

Hottest Member

Funniest Member

Most Original Username

Biggest Geek

Member You'd Want to Meet

Best Avatar

Best Signature

Best Graphics maker

Best Creative Writing

Tell us what you think and if you have any ideas!

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LOL or you added it on purpose or Sherbert is blind. :P

Well, I think this place is running out of awards really, we're becoming inactive, as far as I know... In 2007, there was much more activity but I guess it was because of the suposed GTAIV release...

My Suggestions of awards:

- Most Responsible Staff Member

I may edit this post later but to be honest, that's all I can get now :S

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Most Responsible Staff Member - We have "Most Respected Staff Member", which is probably better. 90% of the time you guys don't see who moderates what (deleting spam topics, fixing newbie mistakes), so it would be hard for you to see who was doing the best job. Respect is a much broader concept which depends entirely on your perception of staff.

Best GTA Player - How would members here know who was good at playing GTA? Only the idiots who brag about how good they are, the few that have gameplay videos. Multiplayer is still a bit too small-scale - its not as if someone will have played against every nominee and know who is best. I could see "Best Gameplay Video" happening though.

Favorite Forum - I assume you mean "Favourite Subforum" - not a bad idea, but it's probably going to be a private gang subforum (voted in by gang members only) or the fun-and-offtopic subforum. Neither of which are useful results. Favourite GTA Subforum would be a bit boring too. Maybe if we restricted nominations or did entire forum sections (eg GTA vs General Discussion vs Gangs) this could work.

Most Hated Member - No. I could give that to you in the form of a ban if you like though?

Most Helpful/Respected Forum Boss - I like the idea of a forum boss award, but it is likely to be a popularity contest.

Most Hated Moderator - No. Undermining staff makes this forum a very dangerous place. I'm happy to have a fun award for staff, such as "Most Nooby Staff Member" or maybe even "Least Professional" something, but nothing abusive or personal.

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