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Which decade defines your music taste?

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2010 is finally here and the slate is wiped clean with "defining" music of this decade so....

Which decade defined your music tastes?

Bands, genres, the lot I am asking for.

This should be interesting since I am guessing that most of you will define "2000" as your decade for music whereas I define "1980" as mine (although I was only just born in that decade). Let's see how this goes anyhow.


Don't under any circumstances belittle, berate or even attack other member's musical taste as we all have our likes and dislikes.

Also, it'd be appreciated if you explain why that decade was special to you (even if you weren't born in that decade).

Other then that, enjoy the topic.

i meant to say 1990* damn no edit button

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Let's see. I have Classical music so that's hundreds of years ago, I've got songs from the 50's because of Fallout 3, 60's because of Cream, Rolling Stones, Guitar Hero games etc, 70's because it's classic rock and therefore you have to have it, 80's because of Scarface, and other great films, plus most of it just sounds great, 90's because of the games I played that decade, along with films again, and the naughties, the 00's, because of so many genres it's too complicated to mention. So yeah. Probably a mixture of the 00's and the 90's, can't choose between the pair.

The leading bands and artists would be these 5:

Jesper Kyd, a videogame composer. He did, and is still doing, the Hitman game soundtracks. He's from the 2000's.

Arcade Fire, great music. An Alternative band, been around for about 5 or 6 years now. Also from the 2000's.

Eminem, first rapper I became interested in. 90's and 2000's.

Michael Jackson, just a legendary artist. Mainly 80's and 90's, little bit of 2000's as well.

Hans Zimmer, music composer of pretty much every great film of the last 2 decades. Primarily 90's and 2000's.

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This is a tough one. I'm a fan of 80s metal. You know, REAL metal like thrash and NWOBHM. I also like the better alternative/nu-metal bands and hardcore rap, which were in their prime during the 90s. Also during that time, the progressive metal bands I like (Dream Theater, Opeth, Symphony X) became popular. Then there's the 00s where alternative hip-hop became my retreat from this pop garbage plaguing every station. I can't say I'm that big a fan of the last decade's music, because it seems like everyone loves the same post-grunge, indie, and pop-punk/scene emo shit. However, Hybrid Theory came out in 2000 and the band responsible for it makes up for all of that, at least for me.

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I do listen to a lot of different music except for maybe heavy rock/metal. For me though I mostly listen to electro, classical and pop (I know its vague), I've always liked electro stuff and I started to like classical with some things Ive heard from films and games, like the theme tune in Gladiator and then ending tune in the mist (very powerful music) and also stuff from the GTA series, especially that Phillip Glass Tune.

Overall though I'd probably say the noughties best represents what I like, it had lots of variety from hip hop/rap to dance and indie. I kinda of think the ten's are going to continue this trend but with a bit more emphasis on hip hop and rap stuff. Also theres been a lot of collaberations (I think thats the word) in the noughties so I expect that to continue to.

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Eminem, first rapper I became interested in. 90's and 2000's.

Eminem is originally from Detroit, about 15-20 minutes from my house. A lot of people around here know him or have met him. My French teacher used to work at a pizza place with him.

My favorite decade would be the 2000s. Most of my favorite bands either came out or got popular during these past 10 years (Arctic Monkeys, MGMT, Muse, etc.).

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