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Top 10 Most Played.

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Just curious on everybody's top 10 most played songs on their iTunes or whatever program you use.

Could also be yet another way of finding out what everyone listens to?

I guess you guys can just write the song title and the artist, and the play count if you want.

Keep in mind that everyone has their own tastes in music; please keep any insults/criticism to yourself.

I'll post my top 10:

1. Follow The Water - Architects

2. Paperthin Hymn - Anberlin

3. On The Brightside - Nevershoutnever!

4. Zeal - Confide

5. Sassafras - The Devil Wears Prada

6. Desperate Times, Desperate Measures - Underoath

7. Flux - Bloc Party

8. White Sky - Vampire Weekend

9. Amazing Because It Is - The Almost

10. Godspeed - Anberlin

Feel free to discuss songs amongst each other, but don't get too off-topic ;)

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I don't think this is very reliable, but according to iTunes:

1. "Across the Line" - Linkin Park

2. "Dead Memories" - Slipknot

3. "I Will Not Bow" - Breaking Benjamin

4. "Golden Time Lover" - Sukima Switch

5. "Too Late" - Dead by Sunrise

6. "Not Alone" - Linkin Park

7. "XYZ" - High and Mighty Color

8. "New Divide" - Linkin Park

9. "Angry Again" - Megadeth

10. "Into You" - Dead by Sunrise

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Half the album wasn't good, but I did like the other half. Aside from the two mentioned, I enjoyed "Fire", "Inside of Me", "My Suffering", and "Let Down". Fort Minor's The Rising Tied was WAY better, though. But I don't care as long as the next LP album comes out before I start college. And is primarily alt-/rap-metal. See, I have this theory concerning Linkin Park and side-projects. After Mike did Fort Minor, he was less present on Minutes to Midnight. Here's hoping the same happens to Chester this time around. It ain't gonna happen, but I can dream.

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1. Alter Bridge - Before Tomorrow Comes

2. U2 - No Line On The Horizon

3. Faith No More - Midlife Crisis

4. Green Day - American Idiot

5. Alter Bridge - Down To My Last

6. Bruce Springsteen - Born In The USA

7. The Killers - Mr Brightside

8. Rage Against The Machine - Sleep Now In The Fire

9. U2 - Magnificent

10. Rage Against The Machine - Guerrilla Radio

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I was about to post my iTunes top listened, I thought it worked, but the page timed out...anyway, the iTunes ones for me are inaccurate since I moved my library to external, all the stats got reset so the top 10 is like all 1 album.

when evo posted his from last fm i remembered that :P

Top Tracks


Top Artists


btw the first one on Top Artists is Yuzo Koshiro, he made the soundtrack for Maximum Tune 3 DX as well as heaps of other stuff. That's top artist because I downloaded the album and that was all I played when I was driving for like a week XD


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1. MSTRKRFT - Click Click (ft.E-40)

2. Deadmau5 & Rob Swire - Ghosts 'n Stuff

3. Shinichi Osawa - Electro 411(Lies 'n Disguise Mix)

4. Dave Spoon & Paul Harris ft. Sam Obernik - Baditude

5. The King Blues - The Streets Are Ours

6. Buraka Som Sistema ft. Pongolove - Kalemba (Wegue Wegue) (this song is awesome, though it's name is weird.)

7. N.A.S.A - Whachadoin? (feat. Spank Rock, M.I.A., Santo Gold, & Nick Zinner)

8. Kiril Dzajkovski feat. Esma Redzepova & Ras Tweed - Raise Up Your Hand(made from Macedonians, singed in English, look it up on YT)

9. Lil Jon ft. Three 6 Mafia - Act a Fool (awesome rock and rap song.)

10. Flo Rida & Nelly Furtado - Jump

That's pretty much it.

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In the last month:

1. Drop the world - Eminem & Lil' Wayne. - Absolute must listen for any em fans, pretty much the entire song is a backbeat and builds up to eminem's set, Which is fast, complex, and brutally crafted. Anywhoo.

2. Kristy, are you doing okay? - The offspring.

3. Feeling this - blink.

4. Forever Young - Jay Z and Mr. Hudson. - great song, a testament to feeling good.

5. Face down - Red JUmpsuit apparatus - whay are all the songs i like about abuse and rape?

6. Red Flag [live] - Billy Talent - superb performance of a great song. had the pleasure of being there. :P

7.The dead can't testify [live]

8.Famous last words - MCR.

9.Rise - Flobots.

10. Time to break up - blink.

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My list is bollocks, it has songs I haven't played for years near the top. It's worth noting, it's near impossible for me to pin down my favourite songs because I have too many, so there's more than 1 song in each position.

1. These aren't in order of my favourite songs, they're just numbers in a list. I like TV themes, so Way Down In The Hole is way up there for me. There's 5 versions of it from the TV show The Wire, so I like all of those.

2. I didn't know how much I liked the Gipsy Kings. I recently imported their album into iTunes, and it's fantastic. I'd say 'Amor, Amor, Amor' is their best song -

3. Neighbourhood #4 (Kettles) by Arcade Fire, I don't feel I need to explain that choice, it chose itself.

4. What Up Gangsta, by 50 Cent, when he was good. - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmipU3R2RgQ

5. The ENTIRE GTA Vice City album, it's pure perfection.

6. Don't Stop Believin' by Journey -

7. The entire Hitman 2 soundtrack.

8. Slipknot, and their best song is probably The Heretic Anthem, heard on a few COD4 no scope videos I think. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWwlRx9my0Q

9. Rock With You, by Michael Jackson, it sounds like a current pop song, fantastic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQ9GWsaxspA

10. I'm split about whether to include a song from Terminator 2, or Metal Gear Solid 2. So, I'll include them both. The T2 song is when the T-1000 is chasing Arnie and the rest out of the hospital, through the car park and outside, and it's full of menace - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2X3oLkC72uU I've listened to that song, probably 2000 times now. The other song, is the theme for MGS2, probably the best MGS theme, although MGS4 had a great soundtrack, which I also have - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECjDfQd8QVc&feature=related. Long live Snake.

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1. Drop the world - Eminem & Lil' Wayne. - Absolute must listen for any em fans, pretty much the entire song is a backbeat and builds up to eminem's set, Which is fast, complex, and brutally crafted. Anywhoo.

It's a great song but I don't get it, where is the bass? There's huge kicks in the song but my sub woofer doesn't even move to it. Maybe it's just a bad version of the song that I listened to.

Not 100% accurate, only number 3, 5, 6, 8 and 10 are ones that I actually still listen to often. Plus my iPhone and my old iPod Touch never saved their play counts onto my iTunes when I synced them. Still a good bunch of songs though, I recommend giving them a listen!

1. The Funeral - Band of Horses

2. The Ocean - The Bravery

3. Love - Borgore

4. Locotes - Cypress Hill

5. Jah Gringo - Martin Jondo

6. Seesaw - Groundation

7. Paper Planes - MIA ft. Lil Wayne

8. Wanted Dread & Alive - Peter Tosh

9. Driver A - Buju Banton

10. Audio X - Cypress Hill

My YouTube favourites are probably better for this actually.

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According to iTunes (Very wrong from what I see!)

1) Bowling for Soup - 1985

2) Bon Jovi - Keep the Faith

3) Owl City - Fireflies

4) Creed - One Last Breath

5) Jay Sean - Down

6) Simple Plan - I'd do Anything

7) Sean Kingston - Fire Burning

8) Soundgarden - Burden In my Hand

9) Jason Derulo - Whatcha Say

10) Foo Fighters - Learn to Fly

Half of those songs I haven't even listened to in like a month :P

The YT Videos in the order shown above:


LOL most of those videos are pretty weird. :P

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Skee 64 - The Life We Live

Kilo G - Wayout

The Dayton Family - What's On Your Mind? Part 2

The Dayton Family - Thru a Thang

X-Raided - Land of the Lost

6ftatfulltilt - It Takes a Thief

Blackjack - No Love

C-Bo - 187 Dance

Mac Mall - Ghetto Stardom

Shoestring - Sunshine & Blow

According to iTunes, but it'd probably be different if it included my play count from my iPhone.

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Changing my list to better songs than the other post in this topic.

Payback - Slayer - brutal, heavy metal song by the kings of heavy metal, NSFW, lots of swearing and mentions of tearing skin off -

Raining Blood - Slayer - classic metal song from Slayer, was in GTA Vice City and one of the Guitar Hero games - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyBIkEeogq4

I Cum Blood - Cannibal Corpse - a controversial band, but they make ball crunching music that never gets old. The singer after this one is much better IMO but they're both good in their own growling way - NSFW - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGSKOg-D0o0

Put Them To Death - should be a mosh pit classic, seen loads of vids of people running into each other in the crowd, funny shit. Designed to play at loud volumes -

The Heretic Anthem - Slipknot - one of their best songs but I've heard it thousands of times now, bored of it - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPh8dgaCymU

You Could Be Mine - Guns n Roses - an awesome song, and it's in Terminator 2 for a short period, amazing solo -

Chateau - Rob Dougan - from Matrix Reloaded, the fight scene in the great hall with the dudes with the weapons against Neo, awesome song -

Aggresive Expansion - Hans Zimmer - from The Dark Knight, epic song -

Contractor - Lamb Of God - Here because of 2:15 onwards -

Benny Hill Theme - the classic that works with every video in the world, ESPECIALLY while playing Call of Duty online ;) -

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