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Windows Error Messages - Funny


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Make your own funny Windows error messages!

I found this cool little thing the other day... Well I knew about it already but havent seen it for a long time :P

It lets you generate your own error messages just like the nonsensical verbal diarrhea that windows applications will often splurt out at you <_<

Some that I made:

y.&b1=Format+HD&b1g=x&b2=Crash+computer&b3=" target="_blank">Windows shit itself

Old Windows

ou+see+to+the+left+of+this+bastard+error.%0D%0A%3C-----+Look%0D%0ASo+yeah+you+gotta+delete+it+all+or+Bill+Gates+will+rape+you&b1=Get+Raped&b2=&b3=Watch+pr0n" target="_blank">We found pr0n

GTA Place 0wnz j00

Post away!

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I love this thing!

ms+that+you+have+masturbated+too+many+times+today+already.&b1=PORN%21&b1g=x&b2=Wait+til+tommorow.&b3=Some+substance+is+blocking+this+part+of+the+screen" target="_blank">Now this is just something you don't do to a man...Something every n00b should get.

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Looks like something for people that don't know how to use Photoshop. :P

But what the hell:


I like this one:



Chris would like this one (Really):


%29&b1=Hetrosexual&b1g=x&b2=Homosexual&b3=No+Thanks&b3g=x" target="_blank">Sexual Preference


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