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I opened the assassin models from the beginning cinematic in an editor and noticed that two of the three looked a lot like Tommy and that at least one of the weapons that they used was different from the standard ones. After making a player mod with the assassin that resembles Tommy the most, I thought that it would be kind of neat to make another mod that inserts the weapon into the game somewhere as well. It kind of looks like an mp5 but it is quite a bit smaller. It looks vaguely familiar though, and I can't help but think that I have seen this weapon SOMEWHERE before. That little hand grip towards the business end of it stands out the most. Does anyone have any insight about this currently unidentified smg? Was it used in another game, is there a name for it? It does not keep me awake at night wondering, but it would be kind of nice to know what it is, even if it is really just nothing at all.


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Okay then. Thanks to the help of two staffers, now I remember... I think. Once I had a name for it I did a search and found that variations of it have been used in several games like Call of Duty, VC Stories, Saints Row 2, and SOCOM Navy Seals 2 - which is where I think that I remember seeing it before. I have also been clued in that this particular model was most likely a beta in it's Vice City form.

Also found some interesting, and somewhat heated debate, on it's classification. In some areas it is considered a pistol, but in others - even higher jurisdiction, it is classified as an AOW (Any Other Weapon). AOWs do not fit in with typical classifications made by the ATF Bureau. Also considered an SBR (Short Barreled Rifle) because it has a forward grip.

Truth be told, after years of gaming... fun I have hardly given any thought to which weapons are based off of real ones, especially specific model types such as this one.

Thanks for your help folks. Mystery solved. MM

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@Mpilk901:  Well, I can kind of see why.  It kind of looks like a slightly over-sized Desert Eagle with a clip and grip.  This pic came from a website called "Just Pistols".  In the movie world, which I realize can be exaggerated, it is not uncommon to be fired with one hand.


Never thought that I would initiate a discussion about weapon specifics before.  Especially with staff.  LOL

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