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Yo, Staff!

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Haha, bet you though some n00b made this topic. :lol:

Anyways, I want to make a "Staff Photo", where it looks like we were all together for the photo. Mind everyone getting me a photo of them they want in the photo? Normal photos are accepted, standing or kneeling is required, please no sitting down. Cool or amusing poses are a plus.

Thanks. :D

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Sky you know you're a lanky streak of piss :P

at least for your age anyway.


Give me a pose to work with to. Like something I can add effects to and spice the image up.

Would you mind explaining? :/

I got my haircut last week.. it sucks, but its not so damn hot in football now.

Like.... Um.... Make a pose I can work with. Something that looks like I can add something in it. Maybe have your arms in a certain position so I can add electricity to your finger tips or streaming between your hands. You know, things like that. Be creative though, think of something that you think no one else will do.

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MVI, you look more than a year younger than me :P

I'll see what I can do. I don't have a good web cam and my arms ain't long enough for the normal camera.

I'm gonna need a staff member to do a MSN web cam thing of me and then take a screen shot becuae I ain't got no software that lets me do a 10 seconddelay

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