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Hatian Friendly

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Hatian Or Non ???

No, all versions of Vice have haitains in it. What you are reffering to is the double pack. In the regular one, during that Cuban mission where you fight through the alley killing off Haitians there is a message saying "Kill ALL the Haitians!" This was removed in the PS2 and XBox double pack versions. So if you have the XBox version or PS2 Double pack, then you have the "haitians friendly" version. There were never any Canadians to replace them. How do I know? You can only get VC for Xbox in the double pack and I rented in from BlockBuster.

EDIT: Oh, and Flame, if you can't handle the GTA heat, then get your ass off of the GTA place forums. (GTA pwns Halo)

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If you have the Haitian-friendly version of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the words "Haitian", "Haitians", "Cubans" and "Cuban" will no appear in the in-game dialogue, subtitles and mission prompts, as they were removed from the game by Rockstar to avoid offending the Haitians and Cubans.

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