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Happy 10th Birthday GTA3!

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Can you believe it was 10 years ago today that we first got our filthy little hands on Grand Theft Auto III? At the time, I hadn't been following all the hype surrounding the game. I'd played the classic GTAs, but I had no idea that GTA III was so revolutionary in comparison. It wasn't until a couple of months after its release, just after Christmas, when I watched my best friend play the game. Within 5 minutes of watching him play I knew I had to buy it. After 5 more minutes he let me have a go - but I was already sold. I went out and bought the game the very next day.

Did anything else happen in the year after its release? I've no idea. I was obsessed with the game. I 100%'d it 5 times on the PS2, and 3 more times on PC, I just couldn't get enough of it. The replayability of the game was insane, and still today if I picked it up I know I could spend hours playing it and not get bored. I'm sure many of you would play the game with friends and show off all the cool shit you could do, all the funny glitches you could find. It's qualities like this that made the game such a phenomenal success. It's qualities like this that made me decide, a year later, to dedicate so much of my free time to creating a fan website for it, and the whole GTA series.

This 10th anniversary of GTA III has certainly renewed a lot of people's interest in the game, and indeed the whole series and what's next for it. The game's upcoming release on mobile devices (here's some

by the way) is sure to whet a lot of fans' appetites who will be craving even more for GTA V. Only time will tell what Rockstar have in store for us with the next GTA, but you can rest assured we'll be covering it; an announcement could come any day now, or it could be months away, we just don't know for sure.

For now, though, I'll leave you with a video. It's a video made by Jordan from our friends at PlanetGTA, one which we posted when he originally made it 6 years ago. It's a tribute to the whole GTA trilogy, which back then consisted of GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas. Enjoy.

Let us know in the comments any fond memories you have of GTA III, or any memorable quotes that you love.

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