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R.I.P Odie

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I was informed of some tragic news today, one of GTA's best map makers, Odie, passed away last month on Tuesday, June 7th, 2005, the same day San Andreas was released on PC/Xbox.

For those of you who haven't heard of him he was one of the greatest map makers for GTA3 and Vice City. He released the 1st ever map mod for GTA3 - Ultimate Stuntpark. And the 1st ever map mod for Vice City - Beachpark.

He also had a dream to create his hometown of Berlin, Germany and put it in a GTA game, Odie also contributed to popular mod Myriad Islands.

A lot of us think a memorial should be made for him and put in San Andreas and I believe this will happen as a talented bunch of modders over at GTAForums are in discussion about.

Odie, real name Heiko Feege was just 37. Details of his death have not been publicly released. He leaves behind a widow and a son (8).

May he rest in peace.

Various links:

GTAForums Topic

GTA3 Ultimate Stuntpark

Some of his maps:

Ultimate Stunt Park (Auto Install)

Ultimate Stunt Park (Manual Install)

Odie's Beach Park

Odie's Beach Park (VCM)

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Some Ascii art I just did:

 //           \\
||    R.I.P    ||
||    ODIE     ||
||             ||
||  1967-2005  ||
||             ||
|| We miss you ||

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Sad news for the modding comunity, GTA fans and specially his family, I hope the best for his son and wife, may he rest in peace.

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