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Online GTA V Previews and New Screenshots


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As mentioned the other day, today marks the beginning of online previews being published by various gaming websites around the world. We're also lucky to have some new, and some unwatermarked screenshots from the GI preview to add to our gallery. Most of the previews posted so far are from European websites, but we've learned of a few new details so far. Also note that IGN will be starting their blowout week later today so we may get even more info later on.

UPDATE: IGN's Preview is now up.

The Previews

Foreign Language:

New Info

  • Whole underwater world, including caves, diving equipment
  • Side-missions like taxi, ambulance, vigilante missions will be back but may not be exactly like in previous games, but they will have "odd jobs to do"
  • Trevor is the skilled helicopter pilot, Franklin the skilled driver, while Michael is a "smooth operator"
  • Missions vary between "big and small events, explosive, infiltration, super spectacular, family, invasion, hostage recovery, heists and robberies. Plus classic GTA missions that have been updated an improved."
  • The mechanics behind the covering system have been greatly improved and will be important to gameplay.
  • Regarding the game's economy, Dan Houser said "You will be able to spend money to buy interesting and fun things like expensive toys. We are still working on the economy but it will be a strong element in the game and players will be eager to make money to spend money. Something along the lines of 'I went through all of this to make all this money and now I'm going to spend it on this crazy item'".
  • No co-op on single player missions but there will be in multiplayer.
  • An increased focus on multiplayer with a lot more content.
  • There is a functioning ecosystem teeming with wildlife.
  • The song
    was heard playing on the in-game radio.
  • The name of the Salton Sea like area in the game is called Alamo Sea.
  • There is a radial menu to select the 3 protagonists.
  • In some missions, character switching is partially scripted - meaning it will happen automatically.
  • In the final part of a mission journalists saw in the demo, the player was able to decide which character to use.
  • There are multiple different endings to the storyline, these depend on choices you make throughout the game.
  • The majority of the map will be open from beginning, with the exception of a few protected areas.
  • A certain amount of money will be needed to gain access to some missions.

New Screenshots

Some of these screenshots have been seen before, but we now have unwatermarked versions!

gta_v_7.jpg gta_v_5.jpg gta_v_11.jpg gta_v_10.jpg gta_v_8.jpg gta_v_6.jpg gta_v_4.jpg gta_v_3.jpg gta_v_2.jpg rsg_gtav_screenshot_041.jpg rsg_gtav_screenshot_040.jpg rsg_gtav_screenshot_035.jpg rsg_gtav_screenshot_033.jpg rsg_gtav_screenshot_032.jpg rsg_gtav_screenshot_031.jpg rsg_gtav_screenshot_030.jpg rsg_gtav_screenshot_029.jpg rsg_gtav_screenshot_026.jpg rsg_gtav_screenshot_023.jpg rsg_gtav_screenshot_020.jpg rsg_gtav_screenshot_014.jpg rsg_gtav_screenshot_013.jpg

See all these and more in our GTA V screenshot gallery.

Extended Artworks

We now have unwatermarked and extended versions of some of the recent artworks.

trevor_atv_extended_red_th.jpg michael_trevor_franklin_extended_th.jpg michael_with_vinewood_sign_extended_th.j police_lady_extended_th.jpg franklin_chop_extended_th.jpg

See all these and more in our GTA V artwork gallery.

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Only 25 hours of storyline? So this means if you play one day nonstop, without taking any rest, without sleeping, eating, drinking, shitting, or masturbating. And playing from mission to mission without taking time to explore the game environment and all of the cool side missions and activities. And assuming that the player passes each mission at first try (which is unlikely).

I played GTA IV for three months. I sure hope that GTA V will provide months worth of gaming aswell and that the story is even longer than the one of GTA IV.

If merely console version looks so goddamn' good, then I can only imagine how astounding PC version will look.

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Everything is looking beautiful. There is so much detail from Mount Chiliad to the variety of police crusiers. The map is a work of art.

Yes, so far it looks like they have LAPD cars as well as LA Sheriff's vehicles (in the pic behind the vinewood sign). soooo realistic!

although LASO cars aren't white, its still cool

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All this information just makes my imagination go wild. Wow.

Also, I'm really interested in what specialities each protagonist will have. I'm fairly certain Franklin will be able to unleash his dog Chop that we see there in addition to be the driver of the three, but I'm interested in what they mean when they refer to Michael as the "smooth operator".

Oh, and that 2nd trailer is coming up in 2 days... I'm still trying to digest all this information. I still can't believe they're unleashing all this info now when Rockstar were tight-lipped about everything only a month ago. And we still have a lot more to know about -- eg. the wanted system.

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3 new screens in IGN's game scoop video: part of their all week blowout. You have to skip to around the 1:20 mark. The most notable of the three is a new shot of a quad bike roaring down a hilside with another shot of the lake (same one as in other screens possibly).





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Holy fucking shit, I'm excited. 25 hours seems short

That was actually a translation error from one of the European articles, I've removed it from the post now. The actual line in that article was making a comparison to Red Dead Redemption's (roughly) 25 hour playthrough time, and wasn't saying GTAV's playthrough time would specifically be that long.

To be honest, I don't know why people even bother to put a completion time on games like GTA. Pretty much every player will play it differently. The average player won't just do all the missions then say they're done. They'll do a bit of everything and their total playtime is gonna be well over the 25 hour mark.

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