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Phils Stunt Vid


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Yeah Phill , you cut off the stunt before you landed . And even if you didnt cut off so short , dont make let yourself fall or people wouldnt like that vid . If you fall , then dont take the clip , or try again without falling :)

nick , the glitch i think is the one where you get stucked in motorcycle . It's basically you're walking but the game says you are on the bike . You dont fall off no matter how hard the bike bangs . BUT you will die if you fall into the water (obviously) .

To do that glitch :

Get a motorcycle . Park it to the left of a clothes icon (example the street clothes icon on the rooftop of hyman condo) . Make sure the bike does touch the icon but also do not let Tommy touch it when he comes out of the bike . Then come out . Get in again . If you touch the icon , and you managed to get into the bike , you did the glitch .

Sry for that lousy english . I'm too tired now .

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