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Grand Theft Auto is good for you!


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<img src="http://thegtaplace.com/images/news/mariodoctor.gif" width="125" height="236" border="0" align="right">With all the negative news this past few weeks on games and especially Grand Theft Auto I think it's good to know that video games are actually very good for humans. In the book "Everything Bad is Good For You" by Steven Johnson he writes about how movies, tv shows and especialy video games are actualy making you smarter.

A video game will never replace a book, Johnson admits, but latter-day games ranging from Tetris to SimCity to Grand Theft Auto have been shown to raise IQ scores and develop cognitive abilities.

He says this kind of education you get is not coming from classrooms or museums, but it's happening in living rooms and basements, on PCs and television screens.

Further research also shows that children who play video games have more confidence in themselves and will easily participate in classrooms, ask questions and can stand up more for themselves, as they learned inside the video game world.

If you are interested in this book you can buy it from Amazon for around $16.

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Of course everything "bad" is good for you. If the worlds average IQ has risen 17 points since 1950, it is not because all of the bad, lazy schools that have almost no money, right. I've learned a lot of things about world history when playing GTA, I also have to do some math when playing and there are plenty of signs to read in the interiors. You see, what these people don't realize is how games/mods work. They never play the games but see the ads and think it's a bad game just because it's M.

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Definetly true. Fast paced driving and shooting games((which includes GTA in both areas!)) also helps hand-eye coordination, and it raises reflex. I think there was a study about that. But those are pretty much common sense if you think about it. You have to get faster and faster at responding to whatever happens in the game, so your reflex gets faster. Especially in shooting games, mostly FPS, probably. Driving games I would bet helps your coordination.

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