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[SA] HOW-TO: Remove Replay Text


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If you want to make a stunt video then it's best you don't have the replay text flashing in the top left corner of your screen.

Follow these easy steps to remove the text OR change it to something else.

1. Download San Andreas GXT Editor by Hammer83

2. Open up the GXT editor and open your american.gxt file (or whatever language you're using

3. Click the Find Name icon to search for a name, type replay and it will go to the replay text.

4. In the big box on the right where it says REPLAY, delete this text or change it to whatever you want.

5. Then click off the box like on another value or something so it enters it and the save icon wont be greyed out anymore, click it to overwrite the gxt file (you might want to back it up first)

6. You're done, now start up the game and press F1 to watch the last 30 seconds and see if it worked.

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Big bump, hehe, Don't see the need for a new topic though...

There is another way to remove the REPLAY text, aswell as all the location text

1.Download TXD Workshop by Delfi/JernejL

2. Open your fonts.txd in your GTA San Andreas/models folder

3. Extract both alphas

4. Open them in a basic image editing program (Even MS Paint will suffice)and make the entire image black. Then Save the files

5. Import them back into the fonts.txd and Press Save

6. Load up SA and enjoy no Location/Vehicle/Replay Text! :)

Sideffects: You won't be able to see anything in the menus, make sure you know where to go (:P)

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Is there any way to remove the information boxes and the time they take to show? I don't think I need to know for the 1,000th time that I am outside the hospital and I have lost my weapons, paid some money and could do with body armour next time! Same with all the other info boxes acting as though it's the first time you have done something! The health one for example is very frustrating because you have obviously just 'died' and failed a mission, so the last thing you need is to wait 30-45 seconds for those health info boxes to appear so slowly one after the other!

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Well a simple solution to your problem is go and take the "i" icon[pick up] that lies outside a hospital. It will display all that shit but this time you will be able to walk around while its still being displayed.. Just go save your game. Try dying in-game and wallaah! No more messages whenever you die. Same for the "i" icon outside police station.

I guess you have my habit of 0 times wasted and 0 times busted record :D

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