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Does the godfather book have the same storyline as the films or is it totally different?

Its the same...

Biggy have you read any others?

I really like Omerta

*runs back into cave*

*runs out again*

Oh yeh, My favorite Author is Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and my favorite book is Breakfast of Champions

*runs back into cave, but falls dead because of loss of breath*

^^^this was not meant to be spam, it was supposed to be a joke

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I loved that movie, never read the book, but the movie for The Time Machine was awesome!

And the only reason why the LoTR is boring (which I do agree with you) is because the author is trying to make you feel how the characters are feeling, like tired or exhausted, if it was just always fighting and action it wouldn't make it seem very realistic.

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Well im intertested in both the world wars, and at the moment im reading "World war 2 in pictures". Which is a giant book filled with illustrated pictures, and the stories of the war, like how hitler built fake peace treaties, then assualted countries etc. Very good read. Some very mind-opening pictures in there as well.

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