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Your piccys..

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has it been edited

You're stupid.

Commenting on the picture Spaz removed already, I really hope that's not what he looks like.

you stfu what's wrong commenting a edited picture ?

and spas lol 'cool' face :P You guys' place is almost the same . Tom 's house is like the same on the background lol . Ahh ! Where're you from , spas -.-

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Forget it Precision, just forget it, im about to put up some more pictures i got recently. I have ones of Pyro playing Gran tourismo 2 with a DDR dance pad. It wasnt easy even with two people trying. I also have some have Tallow raping him. :lol:

Heres the pictures:

This one is so strange i had to put it first, Pyro, is thinking... :o


Heres pyro playing Gran Tourisma 2 the hard way.


This is what happens when you try to throw my hat in a pool, dont ask.


Pyro gets raped by Tallow, damn i have too many of him.


But he comes back forcefull, RAR!


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