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  1. 1. Which Banner should be used on the Main Layout?

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Right, Listening to all the changes you have suggested The second banner has been remade, images have been blended, new bg images used and a new crystal-like effect over the top to add the 'modern' look Chris suggested.


If theres more wrong with this one then don't hesitate to say..



Oh and for anyone who isn't fully familiar with the 'WHOLE' GTA Series, the last guy on the banner is the 'suggested' artwork for the guy you play on GTA 2.

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BTW can I just say the reason Xtheleon is doing this is because he didn't like my main design, because he thought it was too plain. Whereas I like it because it looks cleaner and more up to date.

He is a graphic designer. I am a web designer. We see things from a different perspective, he wanted to have a go at designing a 'better' banner so I said go for it.

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I dont think too many people will understand who the last character is. Most wont even understand the GTA london character nor bubby from GTA1 so i suggest ya 2 make Toni, Tommy, CJ and Claude. Just an idea. And oh you could remove the 'glass' or crystal exxect from bottom. It would be cooler

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naw, the second one needs to be redone. the images dont go together. they just stop. it'd look better if they faded into each other

You just repeated what he said.

Spaz, what kind of look would you go for in the banner?

Not entirely sure. Haven't made many banners, myself. I like them to fall right into the layout, though. I love when it looks like it's just part of the layout.

I DID once make a banner for a GTA site. Don't know where the banner is, nor do I remember what the site is. Pft.

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He DID fade them, look at post number 6 in this thread.

I know, and the first one is still better. The second one's blending is well done too, but there are also un-needed characters, and a bad version of Claude.

The frist one DOES need another location blended into the background, and it doesn't need all the extra characters. The final banner should display:





and Toni

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