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Harwood Butcher

Possible VCS Mission

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Maybe, i thought Brian Forbes dies in a ship? Anyhow there might be another mission where we may have to blow up the Chunder Wheel, as we know its not going to be there 2 years later...

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I already answered this for my friend over IM. If you noticed, the skeleton isnt buried but is in a hole that is maybe a foot deep. After being in a grave that hasnt been burried with it raining, especially from the hurricans, it would decay very rapidly. Within 2 weeks it would, most likely, be totally decaded.

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Mission 1: Say Cheese

Rockstar want their missions to be less one dimensional in VCS and more monotonous tastes like 'get from A-to-B' will no longer dreg out your GTA experience. Now, missions will be designed to be multi-tiered and split between various skill sets. The idea is to do away with the quick-shot mission structure of LCS and instead opt for longer in-depth tasks that make greater use of the environment and lend themselves to a more defined narrative. This is evident from our first mission.

Vic is on the hunt for some extra cash and just such an opportunity has fallen his way. Down at the film studios (the ones you might remember from the porn movie sequence of Vice City) where a company is filming a chocolate commercial and they need a stuntman. Enter your royal baldness who jumps with vigour onto a jet ski. Yes, guys, a jet ski -- bring it on! Your goal is to drive around the bay on a preset course while a helicopter carrying cameramen can get all the necessary shots. Driving the jet ski is a blast, mostly because of the realistic way it handles, but also because of the cool new water effects that allow you to shower the world with sheets of salty fluid.

The course includes a couple of spectacular jumps, before you find yourself launching up out of the water onto the road. But the mission isn’t over yet. A quick switch-a-roo sees you jump onto a waiting motorbike where you must continue the chase scene into the heart of the city. Wow! The bike handling has definitely been refined and driving these puppies is mad fun. It is a relatively small and simple mission that introduces all new watercraft, and if you crashed like us, the swimming element -- yay! -- but we must also point out how cool it was to jump between vehicles within the same mission like this. We like where this new mission policy is heading...

Mission 2: Jump Ship

Brian Formes, an associate of Vic and Lance, has been found out: the bastard is a bloody undercover cop. Thankfully, Lance got the drop on him and kidnapped the squealing pig, before beating some useful information out of him. There is a drug deal going down by the docks, and large quantities of narcotics will be ripe for pillaging. Lance needs you to watch his back, so we make our way to a rooftop nearby the transaction and use -- spot the new gadget people -- some binoculars to spy on the activities. Needless to say, Lance screws it up.

Before we can get down there our mystery drug fiend is flying through the harbour on a speedboat with a kidnapped Lance. We jump into a somewhat conveniently placed sports car and floor it in chase. Can you say 'new physics': this is great! We begin with a donut, smoking up the tyres and leaving rubber marks in a satisfying 360 before power-sliding off down a road that parallels the escaping boat.

Whatever they've done to those car physics, we love it and you actually feel the drift as you throttle sideways in and through the corners with the pedal to the metal -- wicked!

We track the escaping crony all the way to a large moored tanker, gain some speed and hit a ramp leading up over the boat but bailing out of the door in mid flight, landing onto the deck via somersault and coming up to a standing position, uzi at the ready. There is a foe zeroing in out our position. We lock-on and then run circles around him while unleashing a clip into his ghastly, pulsating Hawaiian get-up. Nice, easy, smooth and fun: yep the controls have improved here. Now it's into the bowels of the ship.

Mission 3: Taking The Fall

You may remember a mission in the original Vice City where Tommy asks Lance whether he had ever fired from a helicopter before and he answered, ‘yes’. In this mission, you’ll find out why. Lance has some issues with a local biker gang and we are going to have to pilot a helicopter nice and low to the ground so he can take them out as they ride in procession through the streets of Vice City.

Piloting the helicopter is quite intuitive and fun – the city looks damn cool from the air with the engine’s great new draw-distance and ultra-cluttered streets. We locate the bikers and then keep the helicopter as balanced as possible so Lance can take them out. Then it’s off to a construction site to finish off the gang, but in a hilarious cut-scene old Lance finds himself down on the ground surrounded by a tonne of badguys. They have really upped the number of simultaneous enemies you can face.

Mission 4: Turn On, Tune In, Bug Out

It began outside the Vance household - spiffy mansion - and tasked us with buying a rocket launcher and then taking out the receivers at the cop shops across town. Meaty explosions did ensue, as well as car sections, helicopter fights, and even rooftop battles, where troops parasailed down to attempt - and we stress attempt - to kick our ass.

I got these off www.VCSPSP.com and i thought that some of you would be interested about the first few missions that you get to do.

here are the details that have been confirmed so far, in case you have ALREADY forgotten them (unlikely):

The game is set in 1984 - that's two years before Vice City

• Victor is a 28 year-old US Marine (Presumably back from Vietnam)

• Players can now ride the waves with the inclusion of jet skis

• The animations are more realistic and are a ''step-up from previous titles in the series''

• A multiplayer feature similar to the PSP version of LCS is in the game

• VCS is ''much, much bigger than Vice City''

• Some landmarks seen in Vice City are missing or even half built in VCS

• Many of the buildings have been modified and moved.

• All new vehicles and weapons as you'd expect from another gta

• You can fly helicopters and planes are also expected

• Some radio stations from Vice City will of course make a return

• New weather effects that may include hurricanes

• You can swim in the game, so you won't be feeding the fishes every time you fall off a pontoon half a metre from salvation.

• Bikes handling is improved, admitidly LCS left much to be desired on that front

• No longer seamless exterior-to-interior gameplay as seen in LCS (There'll be a slight loading time)

• A new addition in Vice City is the ferris-wheel, unlike the one in SA, you can ride this one and look around in first person mode.

• Binoculars are in the game

• LCS is ''rookie first-gen PSP title compared to VCS''

• Draw distance is great and is said to be better than even Vice City on PS2

• Trip skips make a return (If you die or get busted a taxi will take you back to the location where you received the mission from)

• New animations which give both the lead characters and pedestrians a whole new degree of humanity

• Far richer color palette that brings sunsets to all new levels of beauty, and realism

• Increased density of pedestrians, cars and objects

• Reduction in clumping (where groups of the same model type appear together such as peds and cars)

• Far more interiors that its predecessors

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You work for diaz to earn his mantion. You also work for Martha ans his wife. Dont forget about the colonel. The one that own the Yaut. Especially the cuban gang leader. I also think you work for Victor Vance. The brother of the back stabber LANCE VANCE DANCE. Lol.


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