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Post pictures of yourself v2.0


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Lol... It looks like you are about to Rave (In terms of the "Hardocre Raver"). I don't use hair spray, I use the Shockwaves Hair gel but the carton has a hole in it but somehow it is still in liquid form. I need to buy another tub :P

Your hair is way too short to gel. What exactly could you do with it?

Lol, I meant spikes. It is longer now. I will post up some images after going to Pizza Hut tonight, I am hoping to get quite a few of me, my sister and my friends.

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I believe it's your turn to post your picture Chris.. <_<

You haven't posted 1 picture yet :o

I've posted quite a few actually. Just not for a long time. If you want to see them then you'll need to look through this entire topic because I have no idea what page they're on. Good luck with that. And also v1 of the topic too.

Last one I posted would have been around GTAIV release, me in New York. Before that it would have been about year ago since I last posted a pic of myself.

Having said that, the only new one I have to post is this one I did for the lulz last week:


I wasn't actually going to upload it because, not only do I look like a tool, I was just bored and starting writing lolcat style shit on it, most of which were pretty fail tbh.

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So is this the one you stole from play.com? :P

It is actually quite a nice jacket though. I might get it too, I won't wear it though, wouldn't suit me... I'd just take pictures of it and send them to Misho :)

@Husky: Lol come on dude, no need to actually MS Paint a dick on for crying out loud. I'm sure his dog is pretty cool, and it could outrun a Husky any day. ;)

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