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Post pictures of yourself v2.0


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Now I'm just getting vain...

Nice poses and nice Jacket. I quite like the jacket. I have a 4-string bass that looks like that, except the umm pointy bits (I dunno what to call them) don't look quite as sharp on my guitar, they are rounded on mine.

@ Cat Licker: Nice Effects, man.

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Come on then people..post more pics :D

And you Chris :)





A little blury but they will do.

EDIT: I couldn't attach as an attachment, because of the file size...attachments are on The GTA Sector, unfortunately in the Members Lounge. (Only accessible to members).

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Does that happen More often ?

And whats in the mouth ? the cigar you stole from the Truth?

yeah...The Same Cigar makes a comeback in GTA 5

LOL i totally went on holiday and didn't see these posts.

It's a lollipop you fool

And yes sky you can join the buttsecks train.

Let's all join! Yay.

Plus that was my birthday so it's all the more cool.

Oh and Evo, yes she was humping me, i bent over for a sec and she started, that pic was taken just as she started so my face was really relaxed, a second after that i joined in with the act and made faces and noises. Thankfully there isn't a pic after that lol.

Reeeeal mature lol

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Time for a post with lots of quotes. Here I go.

And yes sky you can join the buttsecks train.

Let's all join! Yay.

*joins in as well*

Uhmm new pics today. Crappy quality cause they were from my webcam but that pic of me with long hair was taken in April so it was time for some fresh ones.




Your hair is awesome actually.

So many people here are from the UK :o

Probably because I am. OMG BRITISH ADMIN we must join his site lololol etc. etc.

Well that probably isn't the reason but yeah :P I'm not complaining anyway, the more Brits/Aussies/NZ'ers (and any other countries with the Union Jack inside their flag) the better! :)

I haven't been much bothered to any new pictures lately. I'm getting a new haircut before I go to Florida (10 days) so I'll show up emo etc moar later.

LOL WUT I thought you said you already got it cut and had a pic you couldn't be bothered to upload?

Oh well, I can't wait to see how much more emo you've become. Are you gonna get like a shitload of lip and eyebrow piercings and shit too?

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