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Man, this place is EMPTY!

Kitsune Inferno

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Im here too...I think quite alot of members just post to ask questions, and when they get an answer they leave. But with the new gang system and IBStore, you should expect this forum to get very active. These last couple of days, I have seen the return of some popular TGTAP members...

Yes, K_P is the type of member we like a lot here. Talk about active. He's been here for a little over a month and has over 700 posts, with a healthy 20 posts a day average. And he's helpful, providing pictures and feedback for the store/gang system.

Yes, active and helpful is good here.

But tons of people register and either

1. Make 1/2 posts and become inactive

2. Ask a question and leave


3. Register and forget about it or don't post at all

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