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SCARFACE:The World Is Yours

Harwood Butcher

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Bump. Sorry to resurrect an old topic but I have a question: I have eliminated every gang in the game (83 or so) and I heard you can get your femme fetales to follow you everywhere, and they have guns as well. Trouble is, I couldn't get them to follow me, so... any hints and/or tips?

done it, don't reply.

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Ehhh I dont know...I'm a big GTA fan boy but SA wasnt one of my favorite GTA games and I liked the 80's vib VC and VCS had so I liked Scarface as well because of it. I would have to say SA had better gameplay but Scarface is better over all because of the things you could do in it. Any other GTA game would kick its ass though...GTA III and up.

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It is a good game, but when you have 100% like I have, there isn't any real motivation to continue playing it. I'm not gonna sell it though, its too good for that. If I DO choose to sell it, its because I'll get the collectors edition instead.

Seriously though, if youre reading this and you don't have it, buy it immediately.


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really? ok,

you go to Bolivia, where Sosa awaits. You're at his mansion and have to kill LOADS of goons to get to him. First, you have to kill 2 of Sosas associates, one has a bazooka, the other has a machine gun. You use the bazooka you get from one of the associates, and blow a hole in a big metal gate. This leads to a new area. You locate the 2nd associate and kill him, then eventually you get to Sosa. You can't kill him without activating your balls meter, no matter how many times you shoot him. Once you activate it, just fill him full of lead and a cutscene will show. After that, I think the end credits appear, then you're back at either your mansion, or one of your fronts.

Unfortunately, you can't get Sosas mansion for yourself, mainly because you can't get to Bolivia at any other time in the game apart from the last mission.

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