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Was there a Military Base in VC


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that was one of my favorite places to go in VC. Try to survive running through the base without the cop suit and take the hunter

Thats not hard at all for me anymore.

No, what me and a friend used to do was survival. We used to get full health and armor, all the weapons we needed, then go in there and see how ling we could survive. Not using any cheats at all. It was cool running around the place and crouching behind obstacles and such, running up the towers and sniping people. Good times.

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Yeah...but I think it's better to play on big screen.

It is... maybe it will come on PS2

BTW: Take off some of your sigs, its making the page wide.

The only weapon you can get it's a pistol in your dormitory, but your gonna be expelled from the army, because your doing some missions to your sarge like get drugs and hookers and then they find you.

Yeah true, but when you get all weapons they will be better than the pistol.

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