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WOW A New Trailer and San Fierro


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Hehe, I told you something might happen tonight, and it did. All of a sudden there's an email from Rockstar announcing a load of stuff.

The San Fierro part is now available to see, and there is a brand new trailer which is absolutely awesome and shows off the incredible gameplay.

The official San Andreas website has now been updated.

The city of San Fierro is now unlocked.

Plus the debut of the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Official Trailer.

Check Out The Official Website Here

I will try and get all the new information and screens added ASAP, Rockstar Games website is getting so much traffic it keeps timing out so I can't get it all right away.

also in the email they told us of the official GTA Advance site launch..

The long awaited arrival of Grand Theft Auto

on the GameBoy® Advance.

The Official GRAND THEFT AUTO ADVANCE Website is now live.

Featuring screens, news, and more...

Official GTA Advance Website

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About time something happened. I was beginning to worry Rockstar HQ was taken over by ravaging zombie-gerbils with an agenda.

(Meaning that something bad and/or wrong had happened, of course)

But now, it seems I might get my news fix after all. New trailer. Mmmm! Was that ferris-wheel moving? Zero's RC store? Too much information.

*Shorts out and drools on the floor in a state of bliss*

Will revive later.


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some info on the soundtrack - the background music for the san fierro map is Voodoo Ray by A Guy Called Gereald

this is good news - cos that was one of THE tunes from the early 90s rave scene - and if they're using it on the website, i guess it'll be in the game, and if that track is in the game, then i'm really looking forward to hear what other absolute classics they have on there

anyone know what the music is on Los Santos?

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Hey Chris I'd love to pitch in with the list of innuendos. You make a separate post for it, I'll throw in my two cents.


Alright, I'll ressurect my famous Vice City Sexual Innuendos topic too

illitrate23: No I have no idea what that music is

smartboy4: Rockstar havent confirmed it yet, but I dont think we will be able to

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