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yeah thats true, it was hard to pick a game. But I got FEAR. The only good game coming is Rainbow Six Vegas, its a good game. I expect to get, and if saint rows wasn't canceled for PS3 I would have had it by now.

I've heard FEAR is godly on the PS3, i have it for PC and it's really beyond words... That's with crappy GFX too, i seen traiklers and reviews for the PS3, apparently the AI is even better than the PC. Which is such a feat, considering that enemies will create barricades and flank your position, without you even knowing they were there.

PLUS DMC4 is coming out for the PS3, oh yeah, that look so good i might cry.

For those of you who don't know, DMC is 'devil may cry' - massive franchise from capcom, member of the hack/slash genre, demons and shit. Kicks ass.

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Well I haven't yet actually bought a game for the PS3 yet just a blu-ray movie which is pretty good you know though it cost me £20.00. Its really better than I thought

What?! You can't just get a movie with a ps3 you need a game (IMO)!

Speaking of which i just recently bought my ps3 which doesnt come with a free game and came with a free movie instead BUT when you sign up for playstation network they deliver it to you and i really doubt I'm gona get it when i live in f***ing Qatar. I just bought resistance which i finished on easy in about 6 days so not much else to do.. I mean wtf people want a free game when they buy a GAMING console, not some shitty casino royale which you get by delivery or if you don't have internet then your screwed!

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Nah I meant ihavent bought any PS3 games, with my PS3 I got motorsotrm and SC Double agent. I said other than that I aint got any PS3 games

Anyway OGTAM I got that playstation account thingy

my name is


I got motorsotrm and SL BOUBLE AGENT, but dont include splinter cell because Im trading it in.

What is SL Bouble Agent? I need the full name, not abbreviations.

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