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ok I will, but I dont have the headset yet so we wont be able to actually talk. 2 PM my time is fine and I will be online unless theres a major incident which is unlikely

Cool me neither so no biggie.

I was wondering ... Can you connect the PS 3 to your PC monitor ?

I've seen people do it before, try google.

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I'm back for a while so I was just gonna' say I recently got The Elder Scrolls IV OBLIVION with no online.

Plus just because I am not logged into PSN doesn't mean I'm not playing OBLIVION or any other game. Also sorry 'bout the inactivity I've been meaning to get on but I just keep on losing track of time and never get to the computer I try to get online as much as possible.

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My PSN account says I'm 18, so I can join. But I'm not sure If I'll have time to participate in every game, but I'll register.

The same Tournament Halo2 is having as well.

Shit, I can't remember if I put that I was 18. I usually do for these sort of things.

I'm guessing you did because you can't sign up for PS3 network unless you are 18 which makes most users just set there age to 18. This makes most users in charge of the master account aswell.

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For All PS3 owners, A new Update is Available.

PS3 Update

* Settings

o [bD 1080p 24 Hz Output (HDMI)] has been added as an option under [bD/DVD Settings].

o [RGB Full Range (HDMI)] has been added as an option under [Display Settings].

o New for 1.81: The method of setting [RGB Full Range (HDMI)] under [Display Settings] has been improved.

o [Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr Super-White (HDMI)] has been added as an option under [Display Settings].

o [bitmapping (Super Audio CD)] has been added as an option under [Music Settings].

o The [Test Camera] option under [Accessory Settings] has been changed to [Camera Device Settings].

o [Printer Settings] has been added.

o [Media Server Connection] has been added as an option under [Network Settings]

* Music

o You can now edit CD information.

* Photo

o A new type of slideshow display pattern has been added.

o You can now use zoom display for images.

o You can now trim images.

* Video

o Super-White and x.v.Color output are now supported.

o Downscaled output of Blu-ray Discs is now supported. When 720p is selected as the video output setting of the PS3™ system, Blu-ray Discs that were recorded in 1080p or 1080i resolution can be played in 720p resolution.

* Game

o You can now move copy-prohibited saved data for PlayStation® format software and PlayStation®2 format software to a PS3™ system.

* Network

o The options menu items under [Download Management] have been changed.

* Friends

o [Display Photo] has been added to the voice / video chat options menu.

* Other

o New for 1.81: The stability of the network connection used during gameplay has been improved for some PlayStation®2 format software titles that support online gaming.

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