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Look at the first page of this topic and OGTAM has a brilliant Playstation Home section about it. Pretty damn amazing if you ask me (I'm talking about Home and OGTAM's topic :P)

Also OGTAM I forgot to say can you add Spiderman 3 (Collectors Edition) to my gaming list and I have pre-ordered GTAIV (Special Edition).

Ok, will do. Thanks for the compliment about my PlayStation Home section, much appreciated. :thumbsup:

EDIT: Does Spider-Man 3 have online play of any kind?

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Cocky eh... :P I need a new headset, so I should be getting one tomorrow. I'm having bad luck finding a good quality headset for a good price. Oh well.

I so want those new maps :( But the credit card thing won't work for me, I wish those Point Cards would come out over here.

Oh, I'm cocky??? :o

"as long as I can beat play OGTAM"


We'll just have to see when I get back. :D

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:P We might as well set it up here :) What game and settings will we play?

Here's my suggestion:


1 Hit Kill---------------------(GAY)

Infinite Ammo--------------(YES)

First to 200?----------------(OK)

And... Manchester----------(ROOFTOPS)

But honestly I don't mind what or where we play, now you guys can make your suggestions. Also the best time for me to play would be in the evening.

I'm not sure when I could play.

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Howdy guys, need your advice, I need to talk my parents into letting me purchase ones of these, can anyone give me a hand with how to do this?

I'm not sure what your parents are like, but if it's the price that gets them, try to show them that it's actually cheaper than it seems. Explain to them what it has, such as having BluRay and that it'd cost twice as much to just buy a BluRay player than it would to get a PS3. Also mention that the online feature is free and that there is even a virtual game that you could download for free that allows you to talk to friends and what not. You have to show them that it's actually a bargain and not an expensive waste, to my opinion, like the Xbox360.

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