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What I heard is that both Nintendo and Microsoft are making money on their respective systems.

And TVG, XBL is only $6 USD a month. Who's the cheap bastard, now?

50 dollars a year. That I'd probably waste somewhere else, anyway. That would buy him about 3 gay porn mags, duh! :mellow:

I'm kinda glad the controllers arn't shaped like dildos boomerangs anymore. They looked like they'd be a little hard to hold on to.

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OGTAM how much do the playstation 3 games cost in the USA, I am just trying to distuinguish which games are ccheaper, PS3 or 360. I think it is PS3. NO BIASED

Each game, right now, cost $59.99. The graphics, physics and all that shit seem to be a lot better.

So Original GTA Master,

Is it true that the graphics on the ps3 for ps2 and ps games are horrid? They say that the ps3 messes it up somehow and that sony has to update there systems with somekind of thing.

No, the graphics are really good. I havn't played any PSOne games on it but the PS2 games seem semi better...I don't have an HD TV so I cant tell much. Another really cool thing is that they could play those old Blue disk that couldn't work in most PS2s. I think its worth the $642 <<<thats including tax :D

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