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Well I've just realised that desktop's look MUCH better on a big TV. I recently whirled up a quick background for myself of a Camaro picture. It looks great from a distance, perfect for showing off :) Obviously I re-sized the picture as before it was 1920 X 1080.


Blacked out sections are a top secret project!

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philip remind me to nominate you for desktop whore since I cant see how you need that much stuff on it

lol see theres a folder "all desktop files", i made that and put everything from the desktop in there. i think its time for another XD

cbf reorganising / cleaning desktop

on the topic of changing desktops, i had this "auto desktop wallpaper changer", you give it a folder full of pics to use, and tell it how often to change. tbh sorta pointless i didnt use it a whole lot.

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