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Steam, for the record, that was a stupid post to make. You added a couple of graphs and a media p[layer link on your desktop and felt that warranted a new post.

You may justify another post by saying 'omg you took my edit rights cos im restricted' - but whilst you're restricted, you should be treading a little lighter than this, the post was surplus to requirement.

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I know it's the fun & offtopic section, but that doesn't mean you should be careless in what you post. I'm making a big deal out of it for your sake, I'm not getting any benefit out of giving you advice and helping you not to get yourself into further shit.

you don't want this to happen, atleast give me my edit rights back.

You clearly show a misunderstanding of how to act on limited rights, so giving you more would help because...? and if you say 'because I could edit my posts' you're missing the point.

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