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Well since I've built my new PC everything's been going great. I've been downloading things like a madman to fill my hard drive and love getting immersed in games like Half-Life 2: Episode One where you can actually make Alyx out from a distance and see the greatness of HDR/4x MSAA.

But this in my desktop, my old one was getting stale so I figured I needed to make a new one:


Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2

Minus Future Windows Updates

Minus Windows Security Center

Minus Windows Media Player

Minus SP2 Connection Limit

Minus Windows Theme verifier

Minus Windows Genuine Advantage

EDIT: Oh and btw, Halo PC is good for single player but I hate the multiplayer, 99% of the people suck and so does the netcode. Seriously Halo: Custom Edition FTW because you're able to use the Banshee and shit in MP.

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Or just use the tags.

And save .png

Has good quility and is way smaller than bitmaps.


@ Jared: I thought BETA doesn't work anymore.

Have any link to the download


Actually no, PNG's are very big if they are over 500x500 and/or have transparency.

Nope, BETA still works, for 15 days anyway, at which time I will have my copy of it, if they hurry up and send it. Damns ASUS.

Nope, download doesn't work anymore, I downloaded this over 6 months ago. 3GB's :o.

wasn't he asking for the desktop Jared?? O.o

hehe, so he did (p.s. I love my background, looks awesome, don't you think?):


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