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Heres mine. Its got a picture of some hot chick that I IM all the time tiled accross my desktop(Ive changed it, but this one is still cool though):


Edited for smartass comment: When she showed me that picture, it gave me a boner that took a record breaking 2 hours(without touching it at all) for it to go down. :evil:

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Here's mine. It's a picture of some hot chick that I IM all the time tiled across my desktop. This is how I compensate for having no outside life.


When she showed me that picture, I pretended to have a boner for two hours because I can't masturbate. I haven't hit puberty yet and can't get a boner, but that's okay to me because my penis is really tiny.

Haha, it's because you're a girl, you don't have a penis....

Ugly girl anyway.

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Fools. I did that just for a joke. That really is'nt how my desktop looks now. Now it has a van halen background on it like it always has.

Oh yeah, gently caress you. You jealous gently caress. I've had bad luck my WHOLE life and this is the best thing thats ever happened to me. I'm not going to let some PMS-ing asshole such as yourself ruin it by poking fun at me. :jumpon:

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I'm gonna post mine as an attachment because I'm a lazy shit. Plus all the hi-res photos in this thread are breaking the page.

The picture in the background is pretty boring, it's a holiday snap (that's my silhouette in the bottom left corner), but my desktop is cluttered with all kinds of crap that I really ought to organise into folders.

I'll leave you to guess what all the things with wierd file names are.

Edit: Stupid space-wasting PNG files. Attachment working now (I hope.)

Edito Numero Dos: My desktop doesn't really look that shit. That's just poor GIF-compression. Them oral of this story? PNGs suck, and so do GIFs. Images suck.


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