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The thing with the mad vulcan powah is ... Vulcan is the base taurus engine and it doesn't really have enough power for alot of people, has plenty for me. When you drive it hard, it makes alot of noise, sounds very imitating, but the power isn't just there. It's a joke on the taurus club becuase its bark is alot worse than its bite.

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I recently got a giagantic virus attack :'( Most of the viruses were removed, but some of them still lurn in my PC. (i have Norton antivirus 2004, I wish you can just update it to 2005 on the internet, but you have to buy it every year, and its like $70 :angry: ) I try to change my desktop, but after a while it changes back to this.


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So what does having a virus attack have to do with that being your desktop? Its not that hard to set it back.

Well, my norton antivirus 2004 gives me a message saying a virus called "desktophijack" is on my PC and it cant be removed! :bashhead:

I already said when i change my desktop, after 5 minutes or so, it changes to that agian.

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