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Looking for a car?


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Ryder's car in the game is a slight variation on the El Camino. If you're looking for a REAL one, I'd suggest checking out the Vehicles section of the Mod Showroom at GTAForums - I'm pretty sure I saw one over there at some point.

EDIT: There is an unfinished El Camino in this thread here; I think if you can finish the models/convert them to fit into VC or SA the guy might send you his files.

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just to say congratulations Jace on award!

Thanks X GTA X. I like helping others, and if I had a problem with gta it would be nice if people would help me to. Besides, it's fun helping people out if they can't pass a mission. I like doeing those missions anyway but don't want to do the entire storyline over.

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the best site out there has to be grandtheftauto.fr it hs over 100 different cars!!!! it even has a lotus elise how f***in cool is that????

100?, 100? PAH! Take that number, times it by eleven, add 89 to it, and thats how many mods this site has... Thats just car mods. Damn your feeble - 100 mod loving brain!

BEAST - http://gta.gamigo.de/news.php

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you know. It would be nice to get a copy of the impala lowrider off of that gta.gamigo site. it WAS the first one listed but it didnt work. the file only contained the dff file. anyone know the one Im talking about? probly not. but oh well. If anyone can find a willys jeep from the ww1-ww2 times it would be nice. but I had to reload gta sa so I lost all my cars now I have to install all 55 cars and a map :S EDIT: (Edited After MrLlamaLlama posted) A 58-59 GMC would be nice too.

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