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Post pics of your car


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The engine is just a 5.0 liter 305. It's pretty badass.. but.. sadly, with newer technology, it's severly outdated. Probably keep it original because it's worth a pretty good bit. More than "normal" 92 Camaros.

And yeah, all the F-body (Camaro and Trans Ams / Firebirds) look similiar. Funny thing is, when I was younger.. we had an orange T/A like that. Wasn't in near as good shape, and had the "honeycomb" wheels. Was still pretty cool. Then an '85 Trans am, which, my dad bought new off the lot... years before I was born. I'll have to scan pics of that thing later, it was so nice.

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Nope, auto. Automatics are usually better for drag, believe it or not. It's got a Corvette servo (harder shifts) and moved shift points (because it used to break transmission brackets?)

It handles sooo good though. if I can ever do it, I'll record a vid of me going up my mountain from the cockpit view. Shit is friggen crazy.

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Like your ride Skyline.... its awesome...

Now u probably not gonna believe me, but those who live in the UK may have seen some of these replica 50cc mopeds riding around.. here's mine...

(looks alot more powerful than it is, trust me)

Its a motorhispania RX50 racing, liquid cooled, upside down forks, malossi air filter, custom exhaust (not whole system, notice how it's all shiny?), new chain, sprocket. new rear shock and front break lever.

Need a new speedo, new gear & clutch levers, and a new stand. Here she is.. hope you likey...


will posta larger one + originals if requested...

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Lift kit. Now.

Dude that lives below me (cousin of some sort) has a CJ-7... it looks like a heap though.

It comes from the factory with a 2'' lift. Plus a lift kit would void the warranty

Mom's Wrangler Rubicon

What's with the cemetary in the background Righty?

First place we stopped, so I took pictures

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