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Tell me Michael.. What do you remember about 'that night', Halloween?

Uh.. What'd you mean? Like my costume, and candy?..... I got my candy, ate my candy. And thats it.

And, you've completely forgotten about the events in the house, and the event in the wood? So you remember nothing about the killing? You remember nothing about getting a knife?

I didn't do that!

Oh.. But you were covered in blood, who's blood was it?

Mm unno..

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sukuzi ftw

subuzi = made of phail

Sukuzi sounds Chinese...Zubuzi Family Mafia is Italian/French/Russian :P

I cant believe how wrong you are.

zhubuzi sounds chinese.

sukuzi sounds japanese.

zouvella/zoubila/zoubelli/zoubezzi = Italian

zykunov/zuvokon/ zubikev = Russian

no French names i can think of that have Z


is a little french.

fitz being son of

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Why are you allways going??

I'd tell you, but then I would have to abduct you & erase your memory. Do you know what it costs to drive from the US

to Chile!? :lol:

It's 2:30 AM local, the meat is in the slow cooker for today. Have a good Labor Day!

EDIT: HOLY NUTS!!! It took 8 hours, but my demo of Bioshock (PC) is finally done downloading!

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"Though the Mac stands alone in power and simplicity, it’s also the world’s most compatible computer."

Apple fags are fags...

Source of quote: Apple.com/getamac

They constantly try to compare it with a PC. Fuckin' get it, it's not a PC! It's just garbage. Winrar is worth the money more then that stupid apple and mac OS.

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