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This could be considered offensive, especially if you're into rap...

Whoa a famous rapper called Kevin from EEnE come back from da crib :P

Ed Edd 'n' Eddy are a bunch of fuckerz

The kidz think dey are suckerz

Tey're a bunch of wankers

Thank God theyre pestered by da Kankers

I love playing with da toilet roll

I think dat dweeb is a YouTube troll

So I grab da Jackal and pops his ass

He iz certainly a fool with no real class

He gets fuckd by the trash sisterz

Who know nuthin about him bein a fister

That frickin dweeb Double-D

Who did dat pee

All over Eddy'z face

Man this shit gets real tight

That dork Eddy wants a fight

So I round up ma homies

Cause Eddy is nuthin but a phony

C'mon playaz pop those other two

Who no nuffin about what I 'no about their duo

About them gangbanging in da streets

Where those smelly douches there can't stand my beatz


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