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San Andreas (supposedly) leaked too? NO


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Following on from the news that Halo 2 code had been leaked onto the Internet, comes widespread talk of the same fate befalling Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for PlayStation 2.

File sharing sites have the game listed for download, with one version weighing in at a whopping, not to mention credible, 3.95GB currently seeing a lot of activity. If this proves to be the game, it marks a worrying turn of events for Rockstar and the industry in general.

Clearly, publishers sometimes create mules and honeypots to try and encourage downloaders to waste time and bandwidth in the hope of discouraging them. We asked Rockstar for a response to this news, but they were unwilling to make comment at this time. SPOnG expects the beleaguered company to make an official statement in the coming days.

We’ll keep you updated.

Well, this really sucks, and I can almost believe it being true, with the dumbasses working in the publication industry these days. I'll try to keep you updated on the issue, hopefully there will be an official statement from R* soon.

Source: SPOnG.com

EDIT! After some very hot debate, this issue has been almost entirely disproved. The one leading argument that proves this wrong is that SA is on a Dual Layered DVD, yet the file size is a mere 3.95gb. After a bit of easy research, I found that a Single Layered DVD can hold 4.38gb, and a Dual Layered DVD (which SA uses extensively), holds up to 7.95gb. BAM! Rumor killed, unless only a small portion of the game was leaked, which would be dumb, because it would make some parts of the game disfunctional.

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That was stupid. 3.95 GB might be a game like Splinter Cell 1, or GTA3. 4.7 is Vice City.

You seem to be forgetting one simple fact. This 3.5 GB file could be one part of the game. All the sound effects, music, or crap like that. Of course it is possible that it is the full game, being he could have compressed the file.

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