San Andreas Eating

Since CJ has the ability to become skinny, fat, muscular, or non-muscular, eating is very important. Even if you're losing weight, you still need food. You can't keep your muscular body without food. The amount of food you have eaten is measured by "fat". When your fat bar is empty, your muscles will decrease because they have no energy to keep them going strong.
You can eat at restaurants and at small food stands located on various sidewalks and parking lots. You may also use restaurants as a place to bring your girlfriend when you're on a date, but watch out, some girls don't like it when you get too fat, and then again, some don't like when you're not fat enough. Please the girls and do whatever they expect.
Since eating is a big factor in the game, look at the list of foods you can purchase below and make a food plan. (Unless you don't care.)

NOTE: Usually the more expensive the food is (excluding the salad meal), the more fat you will put on after eating that particular food. The salad meal is for those who don't like putting on weight.

Well Stacked Pizza Co. ~Menu~
Buster ($2.00)
Double D-Luxe ($5.00)
Full Rack ($10.00)
Salad Meal ($10.00)

Burger Shot ~Menu~
Moo Kids Meal ($2.00)
Beef Tower ($5.00)
Meat Stack ($10.00)
Salad Meal ($10.00)

Cluckin' Bell ~Menu~
Cluckin' Little Meal ($2.00)
Cluckin' Big Meal ($5.00)
Cluckin' Huge Meal ($10.00)
Salad Meal ($10.00)

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