San Andreas Wishlist

These are all people's wishes of what they want in GTA:SA

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The best ones will get put on this page

- A Speedometer!
- more variety of helicopters and planes and also more bikes
- businessmen riding to work on there bicycle's that we could ram into buildings and smash them with their suitcases
- When your tires are popped they should shred down to the rims with sparks flying everywhere
- They should do better damage for the cars
- They should put in big trucks or (semi's)
- They should have a mission where someone is chasing you in a truck with you on a sanchez through that tunnel thing like on Terminator 2
- better flying physics, like when you bail out of a helicopter it spins out of control into buildings and stuff
- you should be able to do things to the enviroment like chainsaw down trees to create a roadblock or hang on branches to snap them off and whack people with it
- be able to pick up stuff like bricks to smash windows and climn in houses to rob stuff
- or pick up plastic bags to strangle people
- be able to strangle someone and slit there throat if u have a knife
- see other drivers have car crashes like accidently bumping onto them at traffic lights and getting out to exchange details
- more weather- it would be cool to have Snow, and maybe a tornado like once every 2 months game time or something and earthquakes or hurricanes
- more main missions and non predictable stuff
- you can cut stuff down like bushes with machete
- using cutting things like katana etc cuts off limbs where you hit them
- R3 air ambulance missions in a heli!
- trees and power lines should fall down and electricute people in storms

- the police will chase normal people
- police arrest gang members
- want to see a police bike
- more cars
- bigger cities

- more gangs and new ones like Tommy Vercetti is there with his gang

- there will probably be a bigger map and more cars anyway
- i want it so the damage is more dynamic..and not simple panels falling off..
- i want it so the cops dont smash you up straight away, i wanna have a proper pursuit, with them following me until i start hitting things, then they try harder to stop me.. In other words more realistic cops..
- you should be able to shoot down police helicopters with normal guns..
- they should make a simple program so you can easily make custom players, and choose between being a male and female..
- be able to pick up things and throw at that state of emergency game..
just there can be rocks you can pick up and throw at people..and they turn around and get pissed off at you..
- you should be able to hide behind things from the cops and they cant find you..
- that car upgrade thing, well..that would be good but really its a "Street Legal" sort of know that game?
- and the gta games are really a more realistic thing, you dont see normal everyday people driving those sorts of rice rockets..
- maybe like at night time there are street racers driving around in these types of cars..or something.. or like the sunshine autos street race thing, just the cars there are hotted up and stuff, and you win cars and cash when you win the race and the cars turn up in your car dealer
- it would be cool if the characters in the game were actually walking around..
but itd suck if you killed them and the story line gets screwed up and you cant do shit..
or if the characters hung around their house and when you walked in you couldnt choose a weapon, and you had to walk up to them to get a mission..
- shoot out other windows!
- dynamic damage!
- better tanks!
- more indoor areas!
- make them have a cars.img so its easier to mod the cars! able to turn on and off cars!
- portable radio!
- multiplayer!
- more and better sub-missions!
- able to mug pedestrians!
- when you shoot some one they die straight away, or are standing in pain..
cos if you get shot by a gun you usually dont keep running..i hate it, i shoot someone with an M16 and they run..
you seriously dont keep running when you are shot with a bloody M16.

- Semi Trucks
- Better car crashing effects
- Hills and better landscape
- faster cars!!!
- Modifying your cars with NoS
- Better interacting with people
- Better R3 missions
- R3 missions for a tow truck!
- More exiting not really predictable missions
- Able to go underwater (example like a mission where you had to retrieve something from under the water like in a sunken boat would be cool!)
- Able to dive into the driver window of the car or the passenger if trying a quick escape
- Able to punch through the glass of a car and unlock the door.
- More interior buildings

- Better vehicles, maybe real names
- faster motorcycles
- more clothes, like "homie" clothes, punk clothes, gothic clothes.
- NOS!!!!
- A car shop, with rims, spoilers, seats, steering wheels, nos, performance chips, mufflers, you know the whole deal
- A phone you can actually use to call someone

- Swimming : I got sick of drowning
- Arrest Scene: U should be able to see ur character getting handcuffed and getting put in the car
- More Paths to take: Instead of the one way to end the story there should be severel and u should be able to pick who u work for
- Edit Mode :I know u can download things and edit the vice city game for pc but u should be able to edit your own gang and own t-shirts on the ps2 version
- More Intellegent to story in vice city the fact that it u done missions for hations and cubans(killing cubans for hations killing hations for cubans)
- more public intellagence, u will never see a buisness man waking the streets especially in gang territory
- if u get a gang at the end they should live longer and be smarter they dont fight the gangs until they hit them
- i know my points are only small difreences but its the small things that matter

The Illusion
- some more copters and planes
- a bigger world would be nice too
- some more and harder missions
- and the idea that u can walk different paths would be cool.

- the ability to jump out of cars the moment you press it, (It usually takes ages on vc)
- to be able to break open locked doors with melee weapons
- smarter police, and they can sprint.
- more wanted levels. (like on seven and your in a helicopter, they aim rocket launchers at you)
- also a button to switch modes between flying and shooting out of the window. (ps2 people could press all 4 backbuttons to switch)
- More animation and speech coming from robbing stores. (like you see the clerk giving him the money)

- All four seasons and weathers
- Realistic weathers and movements (slip on snow)
- Get into every buildings and see people in there
- Be able to see the character 'sex' or some other people doing in alleys...
- More vehicles drivable like Bicycle in many models , Large Yatch/Ship (you can hire sailor to sail the ship while you wander around) , Different planes and jets.
- Can park vehicles in carpark and save without losing it
- Buy handcuffs and kidnap people
- Be able to wear a full mask and rob any old womans on streets
- People calling the police when they see us killing somebody
- Be able to lure small childrens with candy into some place and kill him/her
- A handphone for the character to call somebody for backup or a chat
- Dead bodies will not be disappeared until an ambulance come and bring it to hospital
- Can take taxi like a normal passenger and pay the driver or rob him
- Be able to cut the character's hair and make different hairstyles
- Watch soccer/basketball matches and get involve into the field
- There's lessons for swimming , karate ....

-A WAYYYYYY bigger map
-More gangs, and abilities to join some, betray them, etc.
-Ability to buy stuff for your gang member so they arent so weak! Like buy them armor, or Magnums
-Buying cars would be cool, stealing cars makes me feel dirty, like I sat in something!
-Weather is cold too!
-All four seasons with specified weather and land texture would be cool
-Disaster would be soooooooo amazingly fun, start a real riot, or try to live a spinning tornadoe... watch people heads fly off while they are spinning in a twister!
-How about gambling or even trading weapons, or armor for guns, etc.
-I would love more interiors, not just a few, or the glitch places which are all empty!
-More clothes and the ability to use parts on one clothes set with another...
-Mug a person and use their clothes
-Children is a must
-The ability to mug children, and hear them crying and trying to scream for their parents
-Swimming, and acctually seeing fishs murdering people, seeing a jellyfish zap a man half to death, and see a shark bite a kids arm of and turn the blue water into a red sea of blood!
-More weapons
-Cooler cars
-Trailors, or cars that can store boats...
-The cool ability to acctually be a cop (hurt people, jack cars, without a wanted level!!)
-Be a passenger
-Have a choice between sides (doing the Cuban missions... I mean how gay is this "Hey Umberto, the Haitians are dead!" *Next day* "Yo Auntie, the Cubans are sooo wasted!"
-More peds, you don't see 12 identical gang members very close to each other, and you definantly will never see 100s of the same excact cops in the cop building!
-More cars... in real life, you will never see three or four lamborghinis in a row, or 5 Ferraris next to each other!!
-They must add the ability of buying anyhting in the game
-More missions
-Better package prizes
-Better 100% prizes
-More R3 missions
-Cooler R3 missions
-More harder missions
-More intelligent missions, like robbing a multi-million dollar artifact form a muesuem! I mean killing cubans for the Haitians, killing Haitians for the Cubans, how gay!
-Being able to dismember people (cut off their leg and beat the person with it, or cut off a head, and see it fly of and crack open when it hits the ground)
-More deadly areas

-At night have street races in a certain par of town ( sometimes the police come and pull over people, The Fast And The Furious type )
-A shop for car parts, for the above street races.
-Gas in the cars, when it runs out of petrol, steal another car
or be able to go to the gas station, and drive away getting a Police Star.
-BMX, Bicycle, sometimes see the odd person on one of these, being able to steal it and do wheelies and grinds etc.
-Should be some better cars, actual cars > ford, corvette's etc.
-Bigger maps, which seems obsvious.
-More/Harder missions as you get further into the game.
-Pick lock cars, or smash the window with a crow bar, then unlocking the door and driving off ( when hot-wired the car or you have a spare set of keys )
-Seeing the odd normal person breaking into a shop whilst your in the shop.
-Being able to drive into a Stadium ( football ) and running people over.
-Casino, where you see every-day people gambling and losing ( getting threw out by bouncers )
-Weapons- Knifes ( different sizes ), Guns, Crow bar ( stated above for breaking into cars )
-Trucks which you can attatch the trailer and drive stolen cars into the back.
-Following on from the stolen cars, stealing a persons car and then they ring the police, the police are on the look-out for that certain car- Kick start or turn the ignition of a motorbike.
-Passenger in a taxi.
-Garages to hide away from the police, when too far away from the police turn right/left into another street and park the car then run away, then you hear in the background "lost him" from the police.
-Police scanners, buy these from the car dealer, costing about $300.
-Make money a bit harder to get.
-Stealing mobile phones/cell phones and then being able to sell the phone for like $10.
-^ Also being able to sell cars and motorbikes to people when resprayed for $1000 in the streets or to a shop ( depending on the oldness/new'ness and speed of the vehicle selling them for different prices ). Selling trucks to a local trucking firm for $5000 or so.
-Two or three gangs on the different island then seeing riots break out and shops being looted
-Gangsters with guns down there pants/trousers and not in there hands.
-If you drive past a cop car going too fast, you get a chase like real life, or having a weapon in your hand get arrested or something. On the other GTA games you can walk past a copper with a gun/knife in your hand, speeding past a copper and get away with it.
-Seeing buildings/houses being built.
-Drive by's every other day or something.
-A person cleaning up the streets, blood off the floor and grafitti from the wall.
-A Stadium where you can do stunts on a motorcross -superman -seat grab etc.

1. Gangs
Many More Thats All I Can Think Of
2. Cars More Car Makes Like
"AC Schnitzer"
"Alfa Romeo"
"Aston Martin"
"Hispano Suiza"

3. Tunning Up Cars
Shops That Sell Spoliers And Nos And Can Do Your Car Up
4. Buy Things For You'r Gangs
Able To Buy Things Guns For Your Gangs So There The Best
5. When Gangs Start To Fight With You Offer Them Stuff To Become Friends Again
6. 2 player mode
7. Pick Male Or Female
8. More Then One Guy To Pick From
9. there shud be more communication between u and other criminals
10. Better Inside Buildings More Inside Stuff
11. Call People with you phone
12. more weapons
13. 3 Big Islands 3 Small Ones One Hidden Big One For After 100%
14. after 100% there should be alot of stuff to do like "New Island" "make something new with your life like Start A Street Racing Gang" "Move Your Gang All Over"

1: your car could run out of gas
2:the police would chase others than only you when someone kills somebody or steals a car
3:The tank can blow up
4:that he can swim
5: a storyline like this :tommy has a son and they argue and then the son goes to san andreas and does some missions and then tommy comes and finds he´s son and then they have a gang war and tommy´s son wins.
6: more rc missions and more R3 missions.
7:new weapons.

* Have it where the radios can offer special news bulletins of all the havoc you wreak after a mission.
* Police officers chase after other gang members and can even back you up if gang members attack you for no reason.
* You are able to call a cab and actually pick out locations on a map that you want to visit.
* You can actually customize your hideout with furniture, games, etc. like on the Sims and actually do stuff when you aren't committing crimes.
* Stealth missions that involve sneaking into buildings and actually being able to sneak up behind people and slit their throats.
* Brothels where you can go to replenish your health.
* Greater variety of motorcycles, boats, airplanes, and helicopters.
* If you have the money, you can actually recruit your own gang members right off the streets to do your dirty work for you like on Kingpin.
* Ability to pick up random objects like bricks, lamps, burning flags, garbage cans, etc. and use them as weapons.
* Places where you can actually go and have fun like dance clubs, bars, arcades, etc.
* New weapons like silenced pistols, hand tazers, portable grenade launchers, strangling wire, crowbars and much more.
* Bigger cities obviously.
* Ability to join gangs at your own pace if you haven't pissed them off yet and actually have members back you up in fights.
* Police officers actually have limited numbers so you aren't attacked by endless swarms of them.
* More places to walk into and get work from right away.
* Ability to hire gang members with specialties, like your own getaway driver, safe cracker, marksman, demolitions specialist, pilot, etc.
* A mission where you actually have to infiltrate a police station and eliminate a high-ranking officer.
* Better interactions with normal people.
* More properties to buy and perform side missions for.

Double Pistols
Double Machine Guns
Donald Love
Gang wars/shootouts as something extra to after 100%
No more ambulance/fire/pizza missions
Maybe bringing back the gang respect thing from GTA2
More variety in missions, it seemed like all you ever did in VC was walk in somewhere and shoot everyone
Bring back the Mafia
Better police AI
Police use non-lethal methods until about 3/4 stars
Better army AI, it was stupid when you had a 6 star wanted level and there were tanks chasing you and blowing up all the police and civilian cars that got in the way

Better citizen AI. In other versions of GTA they did nothing even though you had a gun in their face.
More control over assets, ability to sell different thing, bankrupt an enemy asset (like Microsoft does), raid enemy assets. Make it more business like.
Stealth Missions
You choose who you work for through out the game, maybe bring in the respect thing that was in GTA2.


- More Advanced Faster Cars
- Ability to seat
- Ability to buy a restorant or those things and be able to designate persons of ur gang to guard thos properties. Or tell them to guard ur parked car...or to take it somewhere..and come back in 4hr
- Enter to every building!!

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