San Andreas Respect

Respect The gang system is GTA San Andreas has changed slightly from it's predecessors. You are now able to recruit members to your gang, the amount you can recruit is based upon the respect you have earned during the game. Below is a list detailing the actions that can increase and decrease your total respect. Statistics are according to the Brady Games Strategy Guide.

Running Respect40%

Respect Type Respect Total Contribution
Mission Progression 36%
Territory under control 6%
Money 6%
Fitness 4%
Girlfriend Progress 4%
Clothes 4%

Action Respect Modification
Territory Gained + 30.0%
Killing a gang member + 0.5
Killing a dealer + 0.005%
Killing a member of your gang - 0.005%
A member of your gang gets killed - 2.0%
Territory Lost - 3.0%

As mentioned before the amount of gang members you can recruit depends upon the total amount of respect you have. The table below shows you the information.

Respect No. of Gang Members
> 1% 2
> 10% 3
> 20% 4
> 40% 5
> 60% 6
> 80% 7

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