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  1. Awesome trailer. Quoting some trailer analysis made by a redditor. http://www.reddit.co...trailer/c2wfxtf
  2. Chris usually links to a video hosted off-site, Youtube/Social Club etc.
  3. Exactly what I was thinking, Updated Los Santos maybe?
  4. You dun goofed man, the post and posters have ballsed up.
  5. Chris is pimp as fuck! Brings all the bitches to the yard.
  6. Nah man, I'm quite sure this is their latest mobile engine. Check out the ambient occlusions and anti aliasing in this trailer and compare it to the previous Gta3 ones.
  7. Lol, If your Origin id is showing up along with your other personas on profile.ea.com then you're PSN/XBL accounts should be fine. Try Origins live support. EA have been giving away free games to users who are having trouble with their software.
  8. Torrent the data files and copy/paste into the Origin folder.
  9. Yeah, Its retarded like that. Try delinking the PSN/Xbox ids from profile.ea.com and linking them via. Origin? A wild troll appears.
  10. My system is pretty shit though, Played the Beta on Low with crappy fps.Hopefully the final build is really optimised. Wut?
  11. Login in as Admin then?@Rem - Pc.
  12. There are a ton of 'em. Check out http://www.youtube.com/user/Battlefield.
  13. EvoLuTioN

    Battlefield 3

    Why isn't there a Battlefield 3 topic? Anyways, Little over a week to go until release. I'm pretty excited about this game, Played and enjoyed the beta a lot, got my pre-order in and everything. Just gotta wait now. So anyone here as excited about it? Also post your Origin ids, etc if you want to play a game or two together and shit. Mine's LolLookEvo, I usually play the objective.. if not that I'm griefing in some corner of the map. Edit. Official Trailers
  14. Mines Rorschach from the Watchmen. Awesome movie (and books). I used to have a gif of that creepy girl from the end on Silent hill for almost 3 years, Lost the link when the forum upgraded.
  15. Use imgur.com and paste the links here.
  16. The man was a genius.. but he was quiet a prick too.
  17. I think you need a class 6 or class 10 card for dual booting. Just check that before getting one.
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