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  1. Did you see that ludacris display last night?
  2. Sounds good, Those requirements are pretty decent, definitely a release week purchase. Gta 4 is 15Gigs on pc.
  3. Battlefield 3 Beta, Gimme an add on Battlelog/Origin if you lot wanna party. Id is LolLookEvo
  4. Saints Row 2 PC coop was broken for me when I got the game, may install it again and try if I cba.
  5. Augmented Reality. That's gonna be the next big thing in gaming, Calling it now.
  6. Sounds game man, good timing too.. Just started getting into podcasts. Will surely give it a listen when its up.
  7. Are you that Radion something fella? I remember there being a similar post quite sometime back.
  8. Do the ISPs there give two shits bout your ingame latency? Just asking.
  9. Ah Facebook Raping? Thought it had something to do with Fraps.
  10. Lol 17? Wht re yoy doin on this forum you pedo...
  11. I liked bully quite a lot actually, fun game. All this talk about it has made me wanna re install it now. Can't wait for LA Noire, I keep spoiling the game for me by watching lil bits of its LPs on youtube.
  12. Mass Effect 3 has a March 2012 release date too yea? Gonna get that first and complete it then Max Payne 3.
  13. When did we get pay-per-view porn and flowerbeds?
  14. Lol, Almost all the items in the store can be acquired via drops or are craftable.
  15. Hah yeah, used to play it a ton. I think all the items players already had were changed to vintage when the game went F2P. It used to be a lot more fun though before they flooded it with drops and what not. Hats used to be just for Royalty (i think there were only 9 of them around the time i stopped playing), servers used congratulate you and rejoice when a hat dropped. Edit I do reaslise that I sound like a bitter old person, meh. I think its part of the coach program thing.The Deus Ex drops are pretty pimp btw, Got the widowmaker for the engie y'day. I want the Adam Jenson glasses for the heavy.
  16. http://steamcommunity.com/id/LolLookEvo/screenshot/576680419662724875?tab=public My pimp drops from todays play(highlighted one) Been playing for bout 3-4 hours. I seem to have a ton of crates.
  17. Team fortress 2 Thread Discuss, showoff, trade,chill out etc. Download/Free2Play http://store.steampowered.com/app/440/ Team fortress 2 official blog. http://www.tf2.com/
  18. Nope, I haven't played LA Noire. Is it really as big and detailed as San Andreas + Gta4 Liberty City? That's the thing right there, if the consoles can't handle it there's no way Rockstar will release a Pc version.
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