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  1. I was going to post these when I first saw them at Destructoid but realized Rockstar would just want us to take them down hours later, hopefully Rockstar hears about how responsible I, and TGTAP were about these leaked maps... *cough* give us free shit *cough* Anyway, I removed all the links to the maps posted in here. Its leaked material and just like how an artist wouldn't want his half-done painting shown to his fans, they don't want you seeing them yet. Edit: I also closed this topic before it turns into a request topic for the leaked maps. Just wait it out, its only a month until launch anyway.
  2. If this happens, will it stay there the next time you come to the location where the pedestrian spraypainted the graffiti, will it still be there? Will it stay there forever? Or just slowly fade away? ----Wait, this is a single player detail, right? There are pedestrians in both multiplayer and single player (although they can be turned off in multiplayer to my knowledge). So, I'd say that's a detail for both multi and single player.
  3. PLAY Magazine, a UK gaming magazine recently got their hands on GTA IV’s multiplayer, they feature an eight-page long preview of it in their latest issue. The magazine sadly doesn’t give us anything we haven’t seen before in terms of screenshots, but it does have a few new minor details on said multiplayer: Multiplayer is accessed via Niko’s mobile phone, and from there you’re given the option to select game types, invite friends, etc. As we’ve heard, you’re allowed to customize your online character, but as you play more you unlock more options (as would be expected). PLAY Magazine witnessed an ordinary pedestrian spray paint graffiti on the wall of a store; they no longer only walk around and randomly mutter phrases. PLAY Magazine was allowed to play 8 of the 15 multiplayer modes in GTA IV. Not every game mode supports up to 16 players. Full details of what we currently know about the modes can be found on our GTAIV Multiplayer page. Stay tuned for more information on GTA IV’s multiplayer, and the rest of the game as we come closer and closer to the game’s release!
  4. OGTAM, you forgot one on that list, with the next update the PS3's Blu-ray player will be updated to profile 2.0, making it the first BD-Live enabled player (and final spec player) on the market! Funny, that list missed the biggest thing in the update!
  5. Microsoft sent out 500 limited edition GTA IV Xbox 360s to the press today, making us all jealous in the process. These Xbox 360s will not be for sale and are solely for building hype for the game (as if there isn’t any?), so we sadly won’t be seeing these in any stores, ever. However, for those still interested, MS took some Xbox 360 Elite systems, slapped some nice glossy black paint on them, tacked on the official GTA IV boxart, and threw the logo onto the faceplate. Also received was a “briefcase full of peripherals,” containing everything from an Xbox Live Vision camera, to an Xbox 360 headset. Below are four pictures taken of the system and peripherals (images taken courtesy of Complex.com): Before anyone asks, no, TheGTAPlace did not receive any such console.
  6. I use Lennon as an example but this could apply to others, the guy wanted nothing but peace pretty much and was killed. If you were watching us for fun, wouldn't you rather see us fight than all get along? So discrimination, hate, wars, etc. would all make sense if someone was just trying to get a laugh out of us... (Maybe I'm thinking to much into it ). Oh, and I too have been listening to a lot of Beatles/Lennon/McCartney lately, and have been reading a lot about them... Weird... Edit: Another thing, would this "real world" be in peace? If they're so smart they could simulate an entire universe, would they be smart enough to live in peace and not fight? Hmm...
  7. Its really crazy when you think about it, what if all these amazing, influential people were all only simulations and were not real. What if John Lennon, etc. were all just simulations? If he was just a simulation, could you imagine what someone of his caliber was/is like in the "real world"? Really interesting stuff when you think about it.
  8. With only nearly a month to go before we’re all holding our copies of GTA IV, the game has today finally received its rating from the ESRB. GTA IV will be rated “M for Mature” in the United States, for “Partial nudity, strong language, strong sexual content, use of drugs and alcohol, blood, and intense violence.” This obviously means the game is just about compete, and that the chances of a last minute delay are getting smaller! The game should also receive its rating from other groups around the world soon, so stay tuned!
  9. News comes in today of Best Buy handing out exclusive free GTA IV posters with the pre-order of either the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 version of GTA IV. Pre-ordering the special edition of the game (on either console) also makes you eligible for the poster. Its unknown if the deal is also held in-store, or if its just online at Best Buy’s website. The posters feature Niko, in an artwork the majority of us have already seen. But a free poster’s a free poster, right? Click the below links to see the offer details: Free Best Buy Exclusive GTA IV Poster (Xbox 360) Free Best Buy Exclusive GTA IV Poster (PlayStation 3)
  10. MishoM

    My next PC game

    Yeah, I second that. Also if you don't already have the money, I'd watch CheapAssGamer.com as I've seen the PC version of this game go for $40 before.
  11. OGTAM, you can keep arguing, just don't start calling people "Fucking jackasses" and what-not, I know you're just pissed off and you said "If" so you really may not have meant it, but just keep it clean.
  12. There are so many things ridiculous about this whole concept but here's the best one: If the 'beings' knew that we knew that we were a simulation, wouldn't they alter something because that knowledge on our part could change the 'experiment's' outcome? Also, please do relay the "5 ways that proves there is a God" so I can lulz a bit. Well if it was for pure entertainment, wouldn't it be funner if there were a few guys no one believed running around knowing the truth?
  13. I wonder if my characters in the Sims wonder if they are in a simulation. OH SHI-
  14. Hmmmm.... I have no idea if I'm controlling my dreams or not...
  15. This is really too soon. I mean, we barely know anything about the multiplayer, let alone clan support. If we see a lot of these topics, we'd probably create a sub-forum for them in the future. But really, its a bit early don't you think?
  16. I find easy, routine things very relaxing. On the contrary, different, out-of-order, last-minute things make me nervous. So if I had a class where every day we did the exact same thing only on different chapters, etc. I'd think its very easy and would like it. A side effect of this is that I really like Animal Crossing.
  17. Wouldn't it be hilarious if Microsoft just swooped in and bought Rockstar Games or Take-2. Or even funnier, they bought EA right after EA bought Take-2.
  18. Case Closed was brilliant, I suggest everyone go watch "Mountain Villa Murder" part one and two. Those episodes have got to be some of the best anime I've ever seen. And this qualifies as a family show in Japan. Win. But eh, I guess you could call shows like Law & Order, House, and CSI all "family shows" here, and they have some disgusting things too. Or you might not, but I always considered those shows family shows seeing as how they're all on at about 8-9pm or so.
  19. Take-Two today posted their financial results, revealing a net loss of $38 million for their first fiscal quarter of 2008 (ended January 31st, 2008), compared to last year’s loss of $21.5 million. $16.5 million more was lost in comparison to last year sadly. Net revenue on the other hand was $240.4 million, which is a decrease from last year’s $277.3 million. Contributors to this year’s revenue were BioShock, the 2K Sports franchises, and of course, the Grand Theft Auto series. Obviously, Take-Two went on to predict next quarter’s results would be much improved, since quite possibly their biggest game, GTA IV, will be released. One can’t help but wonder how these results will factor into the possible EA buyout, however don’t expect it to have much effect just yet, since Take-Two has gone on to say they’ll wait until after the release of GTA IV before any “talks” with EA.
  20. Case Closed was brilliant, I suggest everyone go watch "Mountain Villa Murder" part one and two. Those episodes have got to be some of the best anime I've ever seen.
  21. Its already been released, its called "L Save The WorLd," I believe it came out in January or February. Anyways, my favorites are Death Note (prefer the Japanese dubs, they ruined the English dubs), Case Closed (Detective Conan), and etc. I think I already listed a bunch of them in a different anime topic.
  22. I love how the first two seem like normal bad things that people will do. Then the last one is just like lolwut? You'd think those first two would already be considered sins (I think Spaz said they were...)
  23. Posted as news, GTA Series Fan you're credited for the find.
  24. A new, very small, piece of artwork has surfaced on the official Australian Xbox 360 website. The art features a women with barely any clothing on peeking into a convertible in the classy style only Rockstar Games can provide! Hopefully a larger version will surface in the next set of magazine previews, until then this version will have to do. Thanks GTA Series Fan!
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