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  1. Even funnier was that the Patriots were winning until literally the last minute of the game. Didn't the Giants score with only :30 on the clock?
  2. You mean the Icy fuckers? No, I'm talking about after you kill those three guys, there's an enormous boss in the castle behind them. Don't tell me you didn't fight him... Oh, Berial, yeah that fight was fucking awesome! Also fucking hard. But it was cool... Yeah, that was his name. I totally forgot, I remembered it starting with a B though. Get this, the game has an achievement called "Tonight, We Dine In Hell." Win.
  3. You mean the Icy fuckers? No, I'm talking about after you kill those three guys, there's an enormous boss in the castle behind them. Don't tell me you didn't fight him...
  4. The demo was awesome. It brings me back to those PS2 days when games weren't easy as shit and were just really fun to play and try to finish (if you didn't notice, the demo was actually quite hard, especially the boss). I really loved it. I'd buy it on the day its released, its just I have way to many games to complete first (I have to finish Saints Row, The Orange Box, and Assassin's Creed)!
  5. There are many rumors going around that since Time Warner (WB) went Blu-ray exclusive, part of the deal was for Sony to release a $299.99 PlayStation 3. And since production costs went down HEAVILY, and since Sony made a newer, thinner Blu-ray Disc laser-reader thing, I can see it happening. Apparently the announcement would be coming very soon (next week). I heard this over at one of the many HD movie fansites, and I wouldn't doubt it. The guys over at these sites have a lot of insider sources and have predicted business moves by Toshiba, Sony, and a bunch of other movie studios before. Still though, take it with a grain of salt.
  6. No, a hard drive cache is used as a buffer to speed up reading/writing to the hard drive. Besides, even if textures were stored in the hard drive's cache, today's hard drive caches are only 8-32 mb and GTA uses A LOT more than that for textures at one time. Did you just copy and paste the specifications from somewhere? The Cell processor does have several cores but it difficult to program a game to make use of even 2 to you'll not see any advantage of the PS3 having more cores. Oh, I thought I heard that a while ago. Oh well, I still doubt they'll be any different. And no, the PS3 doesn't have "better graphic." Its the same on both.
  7. Wait a second, wouldn't the textures be better on the PS3 version? Since every PS3 has a hard drive, and not all 360's do (doesn't this allow Rockstar to cache shits on the PS3 version). So in the end, wouldn't the 360 version get pop-up textures while the PS3 one is much more smooth? I honestly don't know, but from what I've heard this was the case.
  8. Rockstar Games (1/24/08): "They're Both Identical." The only difference will be downloadable content, and I really don't see how you can say it'll be superior due to it. We don't know what that will even be. If the 360's extra content is a few side missions then I wouldn't consider it superior. Now if it was extra story-line missions....
  9. I just got Xbox Live Gold and am wondering if in Rock Band, can I start an online band with someone on my friends list and play other online bands? I think this was something they said you could do but I'm not sure...
  10. There is no need for a demo. Demo's are for games that people might not buy, but want to be convinced into buying. Games like Halo 3, MGS4, Gears Of War, GTA IV don't need demos, people will already be buying them on day one. In fact, its probably better for the game to not have a demo, it builds up more hype.
  11. You should have looked a little harder, GTA IV's official release date is April 29th, 2008.
  12. Look at Team ICO's new project.... "ICO 3" + MGS4 + LittleBigPlanet = epic gaming lineup. Sony seems to be doing everything right in my eyes, free online service, $400 console, great games, Blu-ray player in every system, etc. Where as Microsoft seems to be screwing up lately. > BTW, I've yet to encounter a problem with my PS3 (no freezing). Oh and I played the Uncharted demo finally, it was good but I guess I just sucked at it. I kept dieing at this one part with a bunch of enemies in the very beginning.
  13. I'd post this as news but right now I've got a bunch of work to do (for school), so if anyone of you guys could it'd be awesome (*looks at rockstarrem*). Awesome list BTW.
  14. I doubt it, Microsoft is going to want to sell as many copies of the game/downloadable content on the 360 before they release a PC version, October is to soon.
  15. So very sad. I mean, he had his entire career in front of him, playing the Joker in the Dark Knight was going to be his big hit -- he was going to get huge after it. However, they did finish the Dark Knight in December so the new Batman movie will still be released with him in it, it'll just be odd for myself going in to see the new Batman movie starring a man who died over six months ago. And its looking like he did a superb job playing the Joker, exactly what the Joker's character should be like -- completely insane.
  16. I really want to get a Mexican Fender Strat., I just don't know if I should. I mean, I could probably find a used American Strat. for only $300-$400 more, so it really might be a waste if I get into it. But if I end up dropping it, then I just wasted about $600 (at lowest) - $900 on a guitar I won't be playing. Argh.
  17. I'm not going to lie, that Mustang was actually really boring. It barely even had people around it, I took two pictures and left. *yawn* I actually really liked that one new Jeep car (the one for off-roading), not because I do that crap, it just looked really cool when the guy was showing it off. I wish I could've sat in it. >
  18. Out of curiosity, how much will that cost you including the graphics card?
  19. So every year there's a huge Detroit auto show here in Michigan at COBO Hall, I didn't go last year but did this year and it was pretty fun. I got a massive amount of free shit, got to sit in a bunch of new cars (yay), and took a massive amount of pictures (I'm not in any of them BTW, those people in them are just all of the people who were looking at that car at the same time). You can find a bunch of those pictures at my Flickr: http://flickr.com/photos/7814515@N02/ Leave comments on the pictures themselves or in here, I might upload some more later, I'm really tired right now. Enjoy!
  20. How is NiGHTS: Journey Into Dreams? I really liked the way it looks, and I really doubt it'll be nearly enough to make me re-buy the system for it, but I really want to know if its good or no.
  21. Bands: 1. Guns N' Roses 2. The Smashing Pumpkins 3. They Might Be Giants 4. Guster 5. Arctic Monkeys 6. Michael Jackson 7. U2 8. Beck 9. Foo Fighters 10. Maroon 5 The last six or so jump around. It all depends on what I've been listening to lately.
  22. I was at Target buying Assassin's Creed for $38 a few days ago and they had banners with the artwork and pre-order cards too. I didn't think it was worth taking a picture so I didn't, but if anyone really cares that badly to see a poster and a card with GTA IV on it go to your local Target.
  23. A GTA game on the Wii would just seem like a step-backwards from GTA IV IMO. It wouldn't be a portable game, but it'd have worse graphics and less things to do (online would probably just be taken away with Nintendo's current setup), and it'd be a console GTA. It'd be like releasing GTA III after they just released GTA IV, it'd be a downgrade if you know what I mean. Maybe if they released another PSP game and had a Wii port, kind of like what they did with Manhunt 2, but I'd doubt that'd do good either seeing as how it couldn't take much advantage of the Wii's bigger disc capacity. :/
  24. Guys: 1. Sky 2. Gerard 3. K9 Krew Girls: 1. YellowJacket 2. Kokane 3. Rainbow Bear
  25. ATTENTION ALL: The format war is now over, Warner Brothers has just gone Blu-ray exclusive. WB has had the biggest HD-DVD/Blu-rays (300, Batman's, Ocean's films, etc.) They were the deciding factor in the format war and they've chosen to support Blu-ray only, there is pretty much no way in hell the HD-DVD camp can combat this. Let's see if Blu-ray can take over regular old DVD now! (: http://www.highdefdigest.com/news/show/War..._Exclusive/1325 So win for everyone with a PS3 and who decided to support Blu-ray. CES 2008 should be very, very interesting now...
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