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  1. Your completely correct, we all signed up for this forum because we we're interested in GTA -- not because we wanted to talk in the General Discussion forums. Anyways, I have a suggestion, its just a thought so don't kill me if its a bad idea: how about we require 100 posts from all of our new members before they're allowed to post in the General Discussion forums? It'd set them up to posting in the GTA sections, (so they'd be used to it by the time they hit 100), plus it makes all of our older members want to post in the GTA sections if we want to talk to one of the newer guys...
  2. I guess you don't go to many gaming websites, but these problems have been occuring for the last 11 days! I mean, I don't expect my cable provider to lower my bill when the cable goes out during a bad storm or something, but after 11 days of it not working properly, I want them to do something! (And to answer your question, everyone is receiving these problems.)
  3. His nationality has been discussed many times, especially in this topic: http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.ph...=14414&st=0 *Closes*
  4. Please tell me that's just an XP skin...
  5. Congrats to rockstarrem, Sky, MrLlamaLlama, Spaz, Lord Voldemort, and me. I know we're all going to kick ass at our new jobs.
  6. By "changes", you're talking about the very recent staff promotions, right? There has also been some category re-arrangement (GTA Classics is now a sub-forum under General GTA).
  7. I'd like to meet: MishoM ... Does that make me sound deep?
  8. I just got Zwan's "Mary Star Of The Sea," its such a brilliant album. I can't believe I didn't get it until just now, its basically an up-beat Smashing Pumpkins, and to be honest I like it more than regular SP. Billy Corgan sounds so much better singing happier songs for a change, they really should do more songs like this, I'd really like to see what else he could come up with that isn't all pissed-off or depressing, etc. And well anyways, I'm listening to the songs "Lyric" and "Honestly" off of Zwan's "Mary Star Of The Sea," I suggest you guys check them out. Great stuff.
  9. To bad the game was utter shit...
  10. Sorry to bump this topic, as the question was already answered. But did you guys know Jethro and the other guy were those two kids in the boats when you buy the boathouse in GTA VC? I noticed that a while ago and forgot to mention, as we are on the subject of San Fierro and what not, I just wanted to know if anyone else noticed this. (I also didn't think it deserved its own topic.)
  11. Man. U. got beat by West Ham U... I believe that's the exact definition of an "upset." Wow.
  12. MishoM

    Red ring of death

    I think I heard somewhere that when they send you it back, they also send you a 1 month card for Xbox Live for free. It usually takes about two weeks so its kind of like they're giving you two free weeks I guess.
  13. MishoM

    Red ring of death

    When you sent yours in did they need everything of just the system without the hard drive and cords? I sent in the hard drive and the console, I'm quite sure I left the cords and controllers at home. I think they even told me to take off the faceplate. I was returned a completely different console with a different hard drive too (it had a faceplate on it, now I have two), but after reading some posts on the Xbox.com forum, I don't think they need your hard drive. I'd ask a few guys there just to be sure, or even call up support again. Isn't that around when it was released? I heard that there were barely any messed up ones with the first few batches released, but others got messed up. The few people that I know that got them when they first came out have had no problems with there’s, where as friends of mine that have gotten them a year or so ago have had problems such as the ring of death. So from my understanding, you got a good one...so you shouldn't worry about it breaking...and if it does...wow... The launch consoles are actually the ones that do screw up, the newer models don't I believe. Mine was made in July of 2006 (I think), and hasn't had any problems.
  14. MishoM

    Red ring of death

    I'm on my second one, I sent mine in and the bastards sent me back one that didn't match the hard drive, (at the top, that grill-type thing thats also at the bottom, it can either be a shinny silver or a normal one like the new systems), so I was kind of pissed at that. But my second hasn't had a problem yet, so I'm happy. (I've had my second one for nearly a year now.)
  15. I haven't played it, but isn't it on the Xbox Live Marketplace? That whole "Xbox Originals" they have for the Xbox 360, I believe you can download it there too. What's it about? (Your link didn't load for me BTW.) I might consider downloading it through that or just picking up the game used (I bet I could get it for next to nothing).
  16. I agree. And Gerard and the staff know that I agree, and that I've agreed on this matter over and over again. Changes need to happen. The only members I see posting in the GTA sections are the new members to the forum, who don't even stay here for long. That's a shame. We really need to change focus back onto GTA, and move away from the 10,000,000,000+ posts in the "Random Post lolz" topic, we can easily do this by: Getting rid of a couple forums that in my opinion are completely un-needed. For example, the warzone. This is the only forum I go to that actually has a place dedicated to members arguing. What the hell? Its almost as if we're encouraging arguments between members. We need to dump that, along with some of the stupid categorys that people just use to raise their post counts, or are for "forum games," (those could easily go in the lounge, we don't need a section for them as there shouldn't even be that many). We should come up with a system to reward the most helpful members (that help out the most with GTA). For example, you would only receive money for a post if you post in the GTA sections of the website. Or the staff would only promote members to Elite's if they've been helpful with GTA and haven't posted the shit out of the "Random" topic. Little things like this would really end up going along way, I'm sure I, and the rest of the staff could come up with more that would gradually encourage the forum to post and be much more active in topics regarding GTA (the FOCUS of the forum). We as staff need to also be more active in the GTA sections. It really isn't just the members not being in there, but the staff as well. If we we're to show a heavier presence in those forums, then I have no doubt in my mind the majority of active members would be in there regularly too. The staff knows of the changes I think should be done, and they agree. Seeing as how so much of the community also agrees, I don't think changing up the forum will be a tough problem at all. Seeing as how GTA IV is on the horizon, our GTA forums will be more popular than ever!
  17. I watch a lot of movies, and so, I have Blu-ray 25 movies currently. Blu-ray is obviously going to win this war, I mean, just look at the studio support. Blu-ray has Lionsgate, Warner Brothers, Sony (Columbia), MGM, Buena-Vista, Disney, New Line, while HD-DVD has Universal, Paramount, New Line (they get new releases later than BD though) and Warner Brothers. Plus with the recent rumors of Warner going BD-only in January, its really looking good for Blu-ray. Plus, with BD it isn't just Sony making money, its the BDA (which is 200+ companies strong), with HD-DVD its really just Toshiba making the cash. (I believe I heard WB gets a very small slice too, but I'm not sure.) Oh, and BTW, Blu-ray has sold more movies every week of 2007. I'm about to buy Planet Earth in BD, anyone own it and can tell me if its worth it?
  18. Edited to exclude admins. Most Respected Member: Gerard Most Respected Mod/Super Mod: Sky Most Helpful Member: Gerard Most Improved Member: Joy Division Best New Member: MishoM (I'm new, I go around helping whenever I can, I make great news post and am part of the news team/staff. :] ) Most Intelligent Member: Gerard Funniest Member: Sky Most Original Username: MrLlamaL;ama Biggest geek: Chris82/Gerard (Righty or Chris would have been perfect for here) Most Random Member: RyanVG Most unique member: Spaz Best Avatar: I like mine because I love Death Note, but I'd have to go with Sky's Best Signature: MrLlamaLlama Best Graphics maker: MrLlamaLlama Best Writing (creativity forum): ??? Best Topic Starter: (There haven't been many great topics that have all come from one person in my opinion) Medal of Honor: Urbanoutlaw Userbar Whore: - Weirdest Looks: (This one is stupid. If I was Spaz I'd get pissed for everyone telling me I looked weird. He really doesn't anyway, I've seen much, much weirder.)
  19. This may be important, in the third trailer when he gets off of the train (or whatever) in the very beginning, and says, "zdravo, bracaru", that doesn't mean "hello brother". It actually means, "hello first cousin". After looking a little into it and asking someone with a much greater knowledge for the language, they told me that it sounded more like he was saying "first cousin". Saying "brother" in Serbian is "brot" (not actually spelling, but that's how it sounds), "bracaru" sounds like "first cousin". This would make MUCH more sense in this situation, yes? Roman is Niko's cousin, so I'd be willing to be hes his first cousin.
  20. If you ask me, Jet Grind Radio should be in the top 5 best games ever.
  21. Hard to find on the Wii? That one and the PC version is all I keep seeing. The hardest one to find over here is the 360 one, but I can still find that on pretty much any given day at any Best Buy. Rock Band is harder to find, but I can find that too at Best Buy on both the PS3 and 360.
  22. And just to let you guys know, Russian and Serbian is almost the same thing. The languages only have 7 different letters in the alphabet, some words are exactly the same, and the people are both under the same religion. Which leads to Russian support in Serbian political affairs, and vice versa. Some Serbs' would say that Russians are our "brothers" if you know what I'm trying to get at.
  23. That ones fine, we could all have a laugh at that since they'd be gone. But something like, "Most Disrespected Member" is just going to piss someone off and make them leave the forum, and why lose a member over some stupid award that doesn't matter?
  24. Guys, stay away from making hurtful awards. This is supposed to be fun, it isn't supposed to piss off a bunch of members.
  25. What's everyone's first assumption when you hear his voice? He sounds Russian. If I started talking in a Yugoslavian/Serbian accent, even I sound Russian. That doesn't mean anything. (BTW, LOL, I don't have a European accent. But I can joke around and make my voice sound exactly like someone from Serbia, its weird...)
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